Sunny Pop

I dropped off for a while again there. Allo! Don’t worry, I have been keeping as fresh as the internets allow, listening to Flume, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and of course Bat for Lashes, Ellie Goulding, Zedd, the list goes on… But everyone is already blogging about them and has got them covered.

Sun City are a pretty fresh Aussie band which is always nice cause they’re easier for me to see live. They are Perth-based, which makes it less easy but they’re soon to tour over the summer ‘break’ [it’s only a break if you are a student or take time off work but hey]. Canberra is not on the list but Canberrans do love to travel and I’ll try catch them in Sydney.

The music is quite upbeat and reminiscent of the noughties’ easy-going electro-fused drama-pop. Basically it’s the shit you used to hear on great shows like The O.C. It’s a shame that really only Shade of Grey’s Anatomy is trying to give new pop music exposure. You wouldn’t see Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones or Homeland playing such bright catchy beats (but let’s face it, such music wouldn’t suit the gritty drama, and Homeland reminded me to listen to more Miles Davis).
While I’m on the subject though, and I shouldn’t dwell as I’m losing focus, but I really miss good relaxed drama. Less gritty more flitty, I say! I do so miss Gilmore Girls… Where’s the new version of Gilmore Girls? People have suggested shows like Girls but it’s too brooding. Parenthood is good but has too many Christian overtones. Back to the drawing board, guys.

At least we can rely on the constant stream of diverse music! So check out two of Sun City’s recent releases and enjoy the summery vibe.

Sun City – The Follower

Tour dates are as follow:


FRI, 14 DEC – The Beresford Hotel, SYDNEY

SAT, 15 DEC – Barsoma, BRISBANE

TUES, 1 JAN – Cuban Club, New Years Day, PERTH

SUN, 6 JAN – Summadayze, PERTH

FRI, 11 JAN – Discovery @ Brighton Up Bar, SYDNEY

SAT, 12 JAN – The Beach Hotel, BYRON BAY

FRI, 25 JAN – Can’t Say @ Vault 8, MELBOURNE

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