A Has Been That Never Was recommends music, television, film, literature and art (but mainly music).
I have interviewed musicians and written for online and street press magazines in Canberra and Sydney, including BMA, The Brag, Music Feeds and Men in This Town.

If you’re reading this more recently, you’ll notice I haven’t posted on this blog for some time (years, in fact). I’m still here but renegotiating a new approach. Streaming platforms like Spotify are doing well recommending music to its users. While this has somewhat rendered much of my blog’s purpose redundant, I always invite change and try to adapt. It’s an imperfect system and I know artists bemoan the loss of funds directly to them, but ultimately I’m happy to see everyone listening to more.

Live music is much more elusive and I often find out about events after the performance. This is where I’d like to shift my focus, and may even broaden my blog’s content to more opinion pieces and personal stories. If you’re a reader and have any thoughts on what you would like to read, please drop me a line. In the past it’s fair to say most of my readers visited my blog to download mp3s. And I continued to upload these despite multiple threats of legal action because I knew people got something out of visiting this site. But times have changed and my visitors have dropped off. I prefer to write with purpose and provide users with content that is unique and personal rather than another form of marketing or advertising and click-bait material. I struggle, like many I’m sure, to find great content in the messy excess of the internet. The tidal wave of social media noise is so confusing that I take time to meditate to shut it out. This is one of the main reasons I want to focus on live events.

For those still contacting me, thank you for your emails and sorry for the neglect in response. Many of the PR emails are standardised and sent to multiple bloggers so I haven’t been reading and responding to all. There are simply too many. Some of these emails provide links for me to buy tickets to events in the United States.

If you do contact me in future, any info on local live events (even if not music related) would be great. I’m still based in Sydney, Australia.

As always, enjoy, comment, share. xo

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