Part of Every Party

Did everyone see the ‘finale’ of Breaking Bad? I’m not sure if I’m spoiling people. How does that work? Australia is literally seasons behind with airing this show, I’m pretty sure…
Anyway the closing scene was a real ‘Oh, crap’ moment. I do find it amusing that it closed with Hank mid-dump while discovering that his brother in law is a drug terrorist, or however they define it now. That Hank is a good cop! We need more cops like him. Seems to me that some cops are all about fining people for speeding and letting thugs get away with face punching and theft (two incidents I’ve encountered where the police did nothing).

So I know it’s indulgent to talk about my personal shit but frankly these mixes are a vent thinly veiled as a party play list. That’s pretty Gen Y I suppose. We bitches harp on about our personal shit while dancing and grunting to bass heavy post-grunge alternative progressive beats on the dance floor (this is what’s trending on Twitter right?).

And speaking of getting with the times, I’ve finally checked out Spotify and it is pretty cool. It would make me perfectly happy if it wasn’t riddled with fucking ads. Also if they didn’t charge Australians for use of the phone app. People shrug their shoulders and say ‘how else they gon’ make their money?’ I don’t know, but people like the guys who run The Hype Machine know how to do shit that’s not annoying. Anyway all advertising aside, Spotify is pretty sweet. I’ll now include these playlists up on Spotify so if you’d prefer to simply stream on Spotify you can do so (depending on what’s available out of the songs, mind you).
That’s the way of the present I think; people have run out of room storing music on their laptops so it’s all about CLOUDS (sans precipitation). Evolution has never been so wonderfully innovative.
Wordpress isn’t connected via Spotify so I’ll share my playlist via my Twitter account; see the bar on the right.

So getting back to my personal life, despite multiple punches to the face and now needing surgery I’m not giving up on my fun time. It’s Rev’s last night this Friday night: Bar 32 is OUTTA HERE!
‘But where will Canberrans go for fun?’ I hear you ask.
Well Canberra is not a FUN city. It’s secure, quiet, full of gardens, great for fresh farmed produce, artistic and good for the bar life. NOT CLUBBING. I don’t know if I give a shit about that anymore anyway. Dirt bags seem to think they’re welcome on the streets now more than ever, particularly on Mitchell Street in Darwin (you’ve been warned!). Keep that violence to yourself, bros! Clean the streets and respond to 000 calls within 2 hours please, Darwin police.

Okay so I’m contradicting myself now. I suppose my point is I accept that Canberra’s Bar 32 is closing and that I won’t need to throw out damaged shoes anymore. But I am slightly sad because I’ve met so many wonderful people there. Most of whom have moved away anyway, arseholes.
Will I see you there…? One more time, let’s do it again; I want to celebrate. Urrghhh, I just did that…

Roxy Rawson – Fingers

Haim -Forever

John Legend – Bliss (feat. Teyana Taylor)

Kid Cudi – What I Am (feat. King Chip)

Charli XCX – Valentine

Alpines – Got Me Wrong

Gossip – Get a Job

Madonna – Get Together

Rihanna – Cockiness (I Love It)

Andain – Beautiful Things (Alfalfa House Remix)

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