We Will Wake

A quick one from me before I head off for work to Christmas Island.

Seasfire are about to release an EP! Seasfire are relatively new Bristol kids and have caught attention from the likes of BBC and The Guardian over the last year.

Although I can’t share any newer music from the EP, We Will Wake, I’ve had a listen and I must say it struck home with me and I had to promote it here. It reminds me quite a bit of Copeland for its straight-forward melodies and the way that a bit of rock is cautiously teased through, without flooding the vocals. The influences earnestly stem from Buckley, Bunnymen and Burial which is a description I should share and leave alone. But I especially like that they don’t over-reach. There is a sense that they are simmering beneath the surface, close to exploding into anthemic Sigur Ros drama. But they never indulge and instead leave you with something less overt and more suggestive.

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