Adele turns 21

Fans have been waiting with baited breath for Adele to release new material. Her debut album, 19, presented an alternative to the fast-burning star Amy Winehouse. Adele’s music has always been more stirring. Who knows what it is about her music that makes it so evocative and unique! A strong, untarnished voice with a great set of lungs to support it, the melancholic piano or the fact that her music slowly finds its way to you through soundtracks, if you haven’t already discovered her off the shelf or the internet.

The new album, 21, treads a similar path to 19 but as Adele puts it, she comes to the fore with more life experience.
The stand out song is Someone Like You, which acts as this album’s emotional focal point (much like Hometown Glory was on 19). Overall it’s a very rewarding listen, and you can hear influences like Wanda Jackson and Lady Antebellum. I’m generally not a fan of country tinged music but it brings a bit more sass and energy to Adele’s catalogue. And the gospel notes sit perfectly.
With The xx already remixing the bluesy and fiery Rolling in the Deep this album should get a lot of attention in 2011. It’s certainly a great start to the year for returning musos.

Adele – Someone Like You (File removed by request)

2 Responses to “Adele turns 21”
  1. Robb says:

    holy hell, this is fantastic.

  2. kate vinegar says:

    this is simply amazing!!!!! ❤
    thanks for posting this !!

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