Q and A with Abbe May

Western Australia’s Abbe May is quite the rock goddess! 2 albums and 2 EPs into her career, she has already garnered a lot of attention nationally and internationally. Abbe shares a slice of her musical life.

A Has Been: People have described your music as sexual blues. Do you agree?

Abbe May: Its certainly a very flattering description! I think music can definitely have a seductive effect. It’s not really up to me to label my own music like that.. So if other people want to that’s fine.

AHB: The video for Mammalian Locomotion shows footage of the Sisters of Motion roller troupe. You’ve said that the troup appeals to you because they are naturally beautiful and strong women. And I think it suits the song really well! Do you consider strong female musicians to be your primary influence?

AM: I try not to think about it in terms of gender. I think it is important to separate gender from influence. I like musicians for their music, not specifically because they are female. That said I do often choose to perform with female supports… They have to be good though and i usually avoid acoustic balladeer types too. I like electric guitar girls… and I do this because the scene is generally dominated by men. Maybe thats a contradiction? The world is full of contradictions. Im just doing my bit haha.
My favourite band at the moment is Hootenanny. I like them because they are amazing… Not because they are female.
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AHB: You’ve expressed a casual interest in graphic design. Do you ever see yourself utilising that interest for a music video

AM: I think I could probably get into design quite intensely if I wasn’t making music. But its really one or the other… or they would both suffer.

AHB: Do you channel any particular musicians when you perform live?

AM: I’m just being myself. Maybe i’ve learnt things from my brother a bit; I probably channel his style a little. He taught me how to write on a guitar.

AHB: I hear you plan to tour nationally and internationally this year. Where, internationally, are you most looking forward to touring?

AM: Im hoping to head back to the states again. I loved it there! And definitely the UK.

AHB: Is Canberra on the agenda for your national tour?

AM: I think we should! Canberra is great!

AHB: If you were to use a television series to describe your style of music, what would it be?

AM: Jesus! What a question! Er… I dunno… Maybe… If I were to flatter myself, it would be True Blood. I’m a big fan.

Abbe May – Mammalian Locomotion

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