The youth are starting to change

Misfits has been around for two seasons already but I only just got on board thanks to a recommendation from Alana.

It seems to follow the same premise as Heroes/X-Men: a bunch of people all over the world (or at least London anyway) gain special powers after being struck by a storm. But unlike Heroes (and a good deal of the X-Men comics and films) Misfits keeps that part of the story fairly straight-forward and focuses more on the complexity of a strong ensemble of characters and their personal stories (rather than feebly attempting to capture the experiences of a whole range of people with powers). But this is a British show, not an American show, and so it is to be expected that it will be a bit darker and comical. There’s even a rough-as-guts chav!

Season 1 and 2’s story arcs develop quite differently from one another which keeps the show fresh. My only disappointment comes from too many “what-if” episodes wherein the guy who can turn back time does so and it’s as if the events that unfolded never happened. To some extent that is forgivable since anyone with that power would Groundhog Day that shit until they had everything just right, and he IS limited to emotional ties only (he can’t just turn back time to save the life of someone he doesn’t know). But that power, in general, seems like an easy-out. And easy-outs threaten good plot development. Fortunately the writers seem acutely aware of this though and I guess the focus of the show IS more on the characters and how they learn about love and loss and the like, not so much about the sudden present danger they are always in.

It’s comparable to Skins (the British one, not the US one of course, no der) because of its representation of juveniles but I can see myself liking Misfits for a lot longer since the characters don’t change every two seasons. That’s always been a beef of mine about Skins.

Misfits ups the ante from the get-go and focuses primarily on the characters and their development. The relationship dynamics evolve rewardingly and in surprising ways but believably.
And the chav is fooking great!

The Chemical Brothers – Swoon (Boys Noize Remix)

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