Weekend Wind Down

Image taken from The Riot Act.

Soon it will be summer, which means music gig, music gig, festivals galore and side gigs. And for some reason both The National and Sufjan Stevens are performing in the same season in the same year… again. Last time I missed The National. Now that I’ve seen The National in New York (AND CRIED, THEY WERE SO GOOD) I could probably miss them. But this time Owen Pallett is also playing. And Menomena (which of course, I already have tickets for). And Blonde Redhead.
Where were half these people last year? I can’t afford all of these gigs! Who do I forego seeing this time?

Let’s retreat from these dark decisions by listening to some studio recordings. At least that shit can be affordable!

Illy – It can Wait (feat. Owl Eyes)

What’s going on here? An Australian hip hop song I actually like? I’m generally not into the side-long drawl with lyrics about hoodies and corner stores and RACISM but all at the same time and without the rousing beats people like Missy Elliott have behind them. Sometimes these hip hop singers make you think there’s going to be a song… It starts of with some sort of instrumentation. But it’s trickery and regresses back to spoken w3rd about boring things.
Thankfully this song (and perhaps more of Illy?) actually has singing in it! And a melody! It sounds unique for something considered “Aussie hip hop.” That’s a relief. I hope the rest of the hip hop con-munity are listening.

Owl Eyes – 1 + 1

And perhaps we can chalk up the niceness of It Can Wait to Owl Eyes. I like that she is more Beach House than Sarah Blasko. I’m sorry Sarah Blasko but I’m just sick of your sameyness lately. Female Aussies like Owl Eyes should be winning the awards.

Kori Pop – Nowhere Near My Heart

Ahh what a sweet ditty! And a cute video to boot!
Often when cute female singers produce music it can come out repetitive and boring. But Kori darts away from the potential for mediocrity. This song in particular shifts to and fro with experimental chicanery. Halfway through, the vocals change style and I’m reminded of Patrick Watson.

Strawpeople – Beautiful Skin

Remember this New Zealand band? Lately, everyone’s been screaming their boobs off over Young and the Famous (the hot button NZ band of the year) and some of their stuff is really good. The stuff that doesn’t sound exactly like Passion Pit.
But anyways my point is, what happened to the Massive Attack-like influence of Strawpeople? Considering I wasn’t really into the song Trick with a Knife when it was first released and that I now quite like this song, is it fair to say they were ahead of their time? There’s a gothic influence to Beautiful Skin too – it could easily have played at the Bronze in an episode of Buffy.

The Shoes – Stay the Same

Just to get it out of the way, the name of this band sucks. More precisely, it’s a good enough name but it is the name of about five hundred bands. So good luck finding more info out about these kids. So okay, enough with the bitter, me! Cause these guys are really pretty good. Harmonious and diverse, this French duo are slowly etching a name for themselves. Last season apparently a song, Bored, appeared on Gossip Girl.

The Dears – Meltdown in A Major

It’s strange that I didn’t at first get into this album because each song carries a certain rare prosperity. I could listen to any song from Missiles at any time into the future and still really enjoy it.

Kid Cudi – All Along

So I’m not heaps into the new Kid Cudi album. It’s not as poppy and fun as the last album (even though apparently the intention was the opposite). This song is a slow and pretty r’n’b song which is the exception. My opinion may be a little premature though. I will need to listen to the album more.

Sufjan Stevens – Impossible Soul (BODYTIME Edit)

It’s been a while since I posted a Sufjan song and the new album is a sheer delight. No filler this time and he’s cut the crap a bit (no more “50 states” concept, just good songs). Here’s a shortened version of the closing song of the album. The song, as a whole, is 25 minutes! This is like a taster (at 6ish minutes).

Empress – Captain (James Yuill Remix)

The original song is like a very cool nineties electro bubblegum pop gem. James Yuill’s remix tones down the danceableness and turns it chillout. Lovely.

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