Weekend Wind Down

Art by Heisuke Kitazawa

A retreat to the coast on the weekend was just what I needed. For someone who bemoans the lack of beaches in Canberra and is horrified to see residents, desperate to engage in water recreational activities, swimming in the disgusting man-made lake, it’s always refreshing to get to Tomakin or thereabouts to remember that there is a whole world out there separated by seas. Even though it’s winter, the warm fire and sun have restored my energy levels for a while. Energy for this weekend’s Supanova, which I haven’t gotten my geek out for in a while now…

Efterklang – Swarming

This is an old one from Efterklang but it is a bit of a hidden gem, the piano really drawing out the mood of the song beautifully. Their latest album is much less dark which works in their favour.

Florence and the Machine – Bird Song

It seems some new songs have crept out of Florence’s recent foray with Lungs. A bonus disc means more for those who haven’t already bought the album (of course, these kinds of special editions are never released initially). Florence goes from strength to strength. I’m not greatly into the new song for Twilight but here she displays her reliable talent. She’s still high on my female-loves at the moment, along with Ellie Goulding and Adele. Hell, when IS Adele going to release some new music anyway??? Get to it please!

Massive Attack – Babel (feat. Martina Topley-Bird)

What a strangely elusive album this has been for Massive Attack. Most MA fans I have spoken to consider this a weaker point for them, but by no means bad. Personally I think they’ve always been a bit hit and miss. I can never listen to their albums all the way through, but each song individually satisfies my chilled-with-beats Sunday afternoon moods.

Anoraak – Above Your Head

I haven’t heard enough of Anoraak but this new song is really a memorable piece. Every time I hear it I love it a little more. Very M83 and Junior Boys.

Jenny Wilson – Like a Fading Rainbow

It’s taken me a long time to listen to Jenny Wilson properly and I’m not sure why because she is pretty great and reminds me a bit of Nikka Costa, and Regina Spektor but with less cuteness and more groove. Initially I heard the song Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward on an old Kistune compilation and loved it. She doesn’t slip too quickly into the really sad or overly happy chillout but still manages to break up the potential for monotony, which is a difficult feat as far as I can tell.

Sia – The Co-Dependent

Finally we see the new album emerge as Sia attempts a more upbeat sound. It works pretty well but without the varying mood of the last album, Some People Have Real Problems, the result is more cohesive but has less of an impact. It is not without its outstanding moments though and I suspect it will grow on me. The Co-Dependent is one of the less obnoxious tracks.

2 Responses to “Weekend Wind Down”
  1. Lauren says:

    Florence is amazing although I haven’t heard her twilight song yet. I hate it when bands add bonus discs. I know it makes more money for them, which is a good thing, but it’s quite frustrating when you bought it when it first came out

  2. ahasbeenthatneverwas says:

    I totally agree, it’s bullshit. But the problem is, of course, the label.
    See more live music, that’s my approach!

    The Twilight song is okay but it sounds like she slapped it together pretty quickly.

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