Weekend Winddown 8

REPOSTED minus the leaked (?) music!
I’ve learned to save my posts elsewhere since blogger started their tyranny of removing posts.
So I’ve actually lost track of what’s truly leaked and what is released (because Australia is VERY behind when it comes to international musician’s disc album releases (if they ever are) for bands like Mason Proper. Since I’m never told which links are the problems I can only make assumptions. I have reposted the Pooma song and the Grizzly Bear remix.
I’m here to promote music so I give you my list without most of the links (which sadly, limits the reader to descriptions only). May you discover the sounds through the many channels available!
Stay tuned, this frustrated blogger will be moving to wordpress soon.

Night’s falling…

The morning air is crisp and noticeably darker, getting out of bed is getting harder and people will soon be going into hibernation.

Andrew Bird – Take Courage

Wow, what a stand-out bonus song! And this missed the cut? Apart from the arrangement this song sounds a lot like it’s being played by DeVotchka. The lyrics are pretty too: “Night’s falling, so take courage that you’re not alone.” Aww, you can keep me company, skinny man.

Loney, Dear – I was Only Going Out

I’ve liked Loney, Dear (aka Emil Svanängen) for some time but I’ve always felt like I needed to be in the right mood for him. He’s great, he’s nice and indie and sad and all without being emo.
But there’s something in his voice that, at least on Loney, Noir, would have me abruptly turning the album off halfway through and saying aloud “okay, that’s enough…”
This time his voice comes across more smoothly and softly. And he lets the instrumentation lead the tunes a little more this time round. Mostly, he just sounds less like Kermit the Frog.

And if I’ve turned you off him just listen and then you’ll know what I mean. You can’t always put your finger on it but there’s something irresistible about Emil’s style.

Mason Proper – Safe for the Time Being

I found this gem through a blog which compared it with another song I love by Sufjan Stevens. Figuring this blogger has good taste I decided to check it out.

The start of the song was a bit warped for my liking but as it continues it becomes a message of solemn dread, delivered with a beautiful guitar riff made more prominent towards the end.
This too was before I realised Mason Proper are amazing!

Entire Cities – The Woods

I can’t wait to get my hands on more music by these guys! They remind me of Third Eye Blind a lot (during that one album when they were good).
It could be the lead male singer, Simon Borer’s voice; it’s heavy and gruff but can carry a tune. Generally speaking, Entire Cities seem to do long forgotten 90’s rock.

In this case, “The Woods” is an awkward piano ballad. I say awkward because of the vocals, not the piano (the minimalist approach is heartbreaking). When Simon sings this one he’s not the high school boy suffering his first break-up, lighting a cigarette under a bridge and thinking about his innocence, he’s the blubbering, broken man yelling out in despair and anger.
Whether or not it’s intended that way doesn’t really matter, it sounds unique.

Doves – Kingdom of Rust

Doves are back! And I don’t mean back from their last album (which was okay, but at times mediocre), I mean back-back! From their older stuff! This is exciting news!

Okay, so I’ve only heard two songs from it so far. The first released, “Jetstream,” could’ve easily slipped in between “Firesuite” and “Here it Comes” on their debut album.
This song is comparable to the sound of The Last Broadcast, more specifically to songs like “Pounding” and “Last Broadcast.” They’re one of the few bands who know how to get an anthemic song right.
New album out April 6!

Grizzly Bear – Don’t Ask (Final Fantasy Remix)

Admittedly when I bought Horn of Plenty I wasn’t sure I’d like Grizzly Bear. I had bought the album on a whim (honestly, I think it was because I liked the name and album artwork) and the experimental noise treads heavily from the opening track till close.
But listen to it all the way through, not fast-forwarding, not hoping to catch an ear-catching pop melody from the outset and you’ll hear something long-lasting.
After buying this album I was pleasantly surprised to see a bonus remix disc with a number of reputable up-and-comers, including the likes of Efterklang and Dntel, working the Bear’s songs to their fashion.

These musicians might now envy the growing popularity of Grizzly Bear as they have drawn the curtains back in preparing more accessible songs. That’s not to say they don’t experiment. The new album, Veckatimest, hyped already long before its cd release date, showcases the vocal arrangements these guys seem to have hidden.
I have heard the new album, I love the new album, but I am now waiting for the cd version because the richness of their sound doesn’t come through in the leaked copy. It’s always nice to hear Grizzly Bear’s songs (even in poor quality) but given the fact that their music is laced with subtle delights, I happily endorse the act of waiting for cd release this time round.
For now I give you my all-time favourite Grizzly Bear remixed song, “Don’t Ask.” Owen Pallett knows how to make things even more pretty!

Pooma – Through the Calm
Check em out

Amazing how overlooked this Helsinki band are. Comparisons to Sigur Rós and Múm are fair but there’s a dark grittiness that sets them apart from the rest.
Gunnar Örn Tynes of the icelandic band Múm produced and partly mixed the album, Persuader, and wow does he do a good job! Like a shoegaze Portishead by way of Inga Liljestrom.

I could easily see this album becoming the soundtrack to a dark fantasy film directed by Malter Murch.

Röyksopp – You Don’t Have a Clue

I only really stopped to listen to this band recently and I’m glad I did. The new album, Junior, has been lauded as their best yet, combining the fun and daring dance beats of their older stuff with the melancholic recent.

This song is the “What Else is There?” of Junior.

What Else Is There? from Röyksopp on Vimeo.

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