Cordrazine are back!

Cordrazine were a very talented, very underrated Aussie band, who released their debut album, From Here to Wherever, in 1997, which hit the aria charts at number 9. Their song “Crazy” made it into the JJJ hottest 100 top ten in 1998.

I actually didn’t hear them until I heard another song off their album, called “Memorial Drive” on a Hangover Cure compilation, alongside other artists like Portishead, george and Paul Weller. I followed them up from here and never heard of them again.

Cordrazine had this soulful mourning cry seamlessly weaved into strong piano melodies, which I still can’t resist the sound of 5 years after I first heard them.

They had broken up and gone their separate ways. Lead singer Hamish Cowan went on to do solo stuff, which I never heard or even knew about. Apparently another band member, Sam Hollaway has toured with Silverchair as their live keyboardist.
But now they’re back!

I’m really interested to hear what their stuff is going to sound like 10 years after their debut. For those who can attend they’re doing a gig in Victoria: information is available on the Rubber Records website.

For your listening pleasure I’ve added a couple of songs from the album, in anticipation of the next release.

I Never Cared Before is a tragic love ballad. I love the gospel choir that comes in towards the end of the song.

Crazy is their most well known song and has a beautiful creeping piano riff throughout it. It’s indescribable but I’d say it’s their most radiofriendly singalongable song. How can you not declare “I’m crazy! Craaaaazy!” when given the opportunity?!

You can buy Cordrazine’s music from Rubber Records

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  1. […] Cordrazine announced a while back that they’d be releasing a new album. Actually, insanely enough, it’s been 3 years since the announcement so I’m not sure what kind of album they’re hoping to release but one hopes it’s a solid piece. Not internationally recognised just yet, these guys did pretty well in the indie underworld around 10 years ago. Their song Crazy was their outstanding gem which made it into triple J’s hottest 100, but some may recognise songs like Memorial Drive (which I discovered on a Hangover Cure mix). They return with a fresh uplifting string-heavy sound. Gone is the dark post-grunge acoustic melodrama. The change is a welcome shift into the next decade of music, with more attention paid to Hamish Cowan’s beautiful voice. The album is released in August and can be pre-ordered at the Rubber Records website. For those who haven’t heard Cordrazine before, Hamish’s voice can be likened to the lead singer of Maps & Atlases’. […]

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