Part of Every Party

For the past week everyone has been talking about Emma Watson’s UN speech. As well they should. Watson’s insightful words, articulated modestly and clearly (go those acting skills!), really pull away at the corners of the “feminism issue”: that it’s not just about women. Equality is something which benefits everyone. I remember years ago in … Continue reading

Top Ten Albums for 2010

So many established artists releasing stellar follow up albums this year! It’s usually more interesting to see some new entries (last year’s Miike Snow stood out quite favourably as my number 1 and of course, The xx was everyone’s pick!), but there are some in this year’s list (see Beach House, Groove Armada, Kelis, Robyn) … Continue reading

Weekend Wind Down

Art by Gildo Medina Last night my friends and I slotted a few $2 coins into the jukebox at the Labor Club so we could listen to anything other than “Whaddya Want From Me.” Notably, the playlists included Accidentally Kelly Street (*heave*), Disturbia (which I’m certain the old fellas in the club were digging more … Continue reading