Top Ten Albums of 2014

At the end of 2013 in my Top Ten Albums post I reflected on what was a bit of a disruptive year. I had months of sleeplessness. It wasn’t insomnia, and I wasn’t a walking zombie. I was a psychotic bouncing ball, bursts of energy pushing out from within, like a slowly exploding bomb. Sleeping … Continue reading

Modern Spender

At first listen you might consider Melbourne’s Tom Spender a bit like a slow cooked Tom Vek or a hark back to Neil Finn’s stuff. Already a couple of good names to be compared to, right? Never Again unveils Spender with a little more complexity. The minimal use of horns and strings reminds me of … Continue reading

Fly, Pigeon!

Happy readers! I have a little freebie today for y’all. Check it! (Urgh, is it a faux pas to continue using that term?) Californian rapper, Pigeon John, is touring our fair country in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane this month! Those who don’t know the name will have likely heard The Bomb on Triple J, but … Continue reading

Triple J Hottest 100

More lists aye? Well this is a fun Australian-wide radio voting system so it’s a little different to the “top of 2010” round-up. Keeping in mind the “listenership” of Triple J, I usually vote with a little more thought as to what will already end up in the hottest 100 (rather than throwing my vote … Continue reading

Part of Every Party

Happy Halloween everybody! Every year on this day evil spirits let down their hair and remind us that everything is going to be alright. Or something. If you want a “Halloween theme” playlist you’ve come to the wrong place! This is just a party mix. You want something like that check out stereogum. It’s always … Continue reading