Girls: Open Season

***Spoiler alert – Girls season three discussed below*** Could there be a title more inviting of scrutiny than “GIRLS”? Girls is a show about four girls living in New York City. Since it began three seasons ago its creator, Lena Dunham, has been challenged for misrepresenting women, or not representing them enough, or not having … Continue reading

Part of Every Party

Many long-agos when I was with the devil blogger I posted a mix of what I called party jams or get-down-with-your-funky-self-non-descriptive-beatz. The post was removed because google hate bloggers like me and support the music industry WONDERFUL music conglomerates like EMI. Here I resurrect what I hoped would become a regular thing. And maybe it … Continue reading

Not a squawk but a howl

Ahh The Paper Scissors… It is refreshing to see you still don’t take yourselves too seriously. Especially compared to bands like Empire of the Sun (whose video clips seem laugh-at-wank funny yet boring at the same time). For those unfamiliar, this New South Wales band are probably best known for their bird cawing groove We … Continue reading