A couple of broads

I’ve never been a huge Amy Poehler fan. As funny as she’s been on Saturday Night Live, I haven’t yet immersed myself in her Parks and Recreation world, despite literally every single friend of mine recommending it, and telling me to persist past the awkward first season. Instead, I’ve pushed past the whole series altogether, … Continue reading

Weekend Wind Down

Find all songs as a playlist here I don’t know if I’m getting older or smarter (though only one of those is objectively true), but I am really giving up on waiting. I won’t wait for anything anymore. When I saw that the Game of Thrones exhibition was coming to Sydney, for a mere five … Continue reading

Girls: Open Season

***Spoiler alert – Girls season three discussed below*** Could there be a title more inviting of scrutiny than “GIRLS”? Girls is a show about four girls living in New York City. Since it began three seasons ago its creator, Lena Dunham, has been challenged for misrepresenting women, or not representing them enough, or not having … Continue reading

The youth are starting to change

Misfits has been around for two seasons already but I only just got on board thanks to a recommendation from Alana. It seems to follow the same premise as Heroes/X-Men: a bunch of people all over the world (or at least London anyway) gain special powers after being struck by a storm. But unlike Heroes … Continue reading

Sesame Street Appeals to TV Junkies

For some reason Sesame Street has this backlog of television show “parodies.” Everyone knows they often have television “star” guests but this is way more fun!

Pop Culture Princess

Beyond Star Wars, there’s a reason why you may have seen a lot of CARRIE FISHER interviews. She isn’t just the Princess of Alderaan she is a Princess of pop culture, immersed in the world of media, from television shows and movies to books and theatre. Perhaps the reason for her transition from epic screen … Continue reading

It’s a Mad Ad World

Mad Men is a period piece television series set in the 1960s in an advertising firm in New York City. The beauty of this series, other than its accurate exploration of feminism, sexisim, homophobia and the expectations placed on men to succeed, is the way its characters are challenged to come up with inventive ways … Continue reading

That’s sass and fire

This Sunday I’m going with some nerds friends to see Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse and all things clever). He’s doing some talk and will “discuss the creative ways in which he has played out… themes [of stong woman characters, outsider heroes and the uses and abuses of power] in a variety … Continue reading


Taking into account the fact that Gossip Girl has become INCREDIBLY boring this season (3), it is nice to know I can get my teen-to-adulthood drama fix via the ever-loved Glee. Though song-in-heart style singing generally fails to pierce my barren and stale heart, Glee borrows what Buffy and (unfortunately) Will and Grace and Drew … Continue reading

What’s Goss?

Gossip Girl is not, as you might predict from the title, a “chick flick” tv series. It’s similar to The OC in that it’s about wealthy upper class privileged teenagers with problems, and in that both series were/are created by Josh Schwartz. I watched The OC fairly avidly but I was never a big fan. … Continue reading