Reversing and Revisiting

It makes sense for us to turn an ear to new music. But I have some friends who don’t really listen to music. At all. It’s just not something they do. They might put on something old every so often, but mainly they just don’t eagerly listen. It has baffled me in the past. Well, why not? Why aren’t you consuming, the way the majority seem to?
And I think I’ve figured it out, for some of them anyway. They’re sentimental. They like music, but only music they know and which they can connect to a certain memory. I will happily listen to new music in my home and the sound alone will captivate me. I don’t need associations. But when I have associated music with events, my love for it has lasted longer.
So maybe there’s a lesson in this. I know that unlike many Hype Machine bloggers I tend to go slow. That is as much intentional as it is me just being slovenly. We should pause for thought. If you want the latest and greatest, you will find it. Right now, though, I want to put the auditory wheels in reverse, and revisit some artists I’ve loved for years.

I first wrote about Rae Morris in 2012 after hearing Don’t Go, which closed a season finale of Skins. I might have said she was a bit like Sarah Mclachlan.
In the last year Morris has become more confident, and her songs have a little more fire and are a little less lamenting. Her collaboration with Fryars is pretty damn hot.

Blonde Redhead formed part of a weekend wind down mix I compiled soon after I returned from my second visit to beautiful New York. I have a lot of respect for this band. Though comparable to Massive Attack, they are uniquely gentle and morose. They don’t get as much kudos as say, Little Dragon or Beach House, but they have continued building a legacy and releasing really good music. Going from the songs that have leaked this year so far, their upcoming album, Barragán, could possibly be their most exploratory.

Perhaps erroneously, back in 2007 when I first blogged about Kat Frankie I said she was originally from Sydney. I haven’t been able to verify this, but she’s very much in Berlin now/still. She seems to be doing more with her vocals, and likes to use a loop. Like many whose CDs I have but where the music isn’t on my laptop I had forgotten about Kat Frankie. Somewhere, someone on Facebook was listening to her, and that was how I found her again. I’m unsure how she has remained hidden in the background. The other morning, while getting ready for work, I was playing Please Don’t Give Me What I Want and my housemate asked “Who is this angel singing?” I suppose much like an angel she will likely remain unseen and unheard. But really, the lady needs to be heard!

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