Porcelain Pill

When first listening to Porcelain Pill, I was somewhat surprised by the vocals. I’m not sure what it is… Adam Scott-McGuinness sings a little like Bowie, but without the uncompromising confidence. It’s disarming, but also incredibly charming (look at me with my fancy rhymes) against the beautiful cello and electronica.
They cite Postal Service as the “sounds like” on their Unearthed page, but to me they are very very The Album Leaf. It is adolescent acoustic pop, and I have bitterly missed this stuff.
What happened to the days of The OC when we would relate in the car over a scene from the show while something really depressing like Stars played on a mix cd. Ironically, I feel like tv now tries so hard to be nostalgic and express a sound unique to itself (think Southern-style of True Detective, the ‘Instagram-filtered-like’ music of Girls) that they have largely stopped sharing good radio pop.

We have no tv show for context here, but enjoy this Melbourne duo, as they are still lesser known than they should be.

One Response to “Porcelain Pill”
  1. Stutter says:

    Really diggin “Falling Awake”. Great vocals.

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