Coming Into View


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Jack Colwell works tirelessly and with such a commitment to music that each song’s lyrics capture the hurts eloquently, the delivery of each arranged uniquely, adding depth to the melody and melancholy.
Kudos also to his supporting Owls, who are always on beat.

Colwell could attribute the full sound of his music to his professional training at the Sydney Conservatorium of music but in his interview with Something You Said, he recognises that even this is ‘not enough’:

“When you’re at the Con[servatorium], you have it drummed into you that classical music is this elitist, fine art. And then you’re working in a music world where people are highly successful even if they don’t have any formal theory training. It can be quite frustrating. Why are they succeeding and you’re not, when you’ve studied for so long? It’s something that you have to accept – that’s just what happens. There’s a quality in music that has nothing to do with training, nothing to do with theory – it’s just there, an inexplicable something.”

It’s true that recognition and success are achieved (and measured) by a number of factors. But even if Colwell hasn’t received the deserved accolades, you get the sense that his music is building a legacy. His live performances alone are striking and memorable.
Thankfully, Colwell is performing VERY soon (and he really is made for stage). These gigs launch his new single Far From View, and Killing Heidi’s Ella Hooper will be playing some new tunes. That’s some full-on double bill crème-egg-level goodness!


SYDNEY | Saturday 29th March @ The Vanguard, Newtown
Buy tickets

MELBOURNE | Friday 4th April @ Northcote Social Club, Northcote
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