Disoriented and Displaced

I have been siting on this one for far too long, and its captivating honesty must be shared.
Canadian, Steve Benjamins, has quietly constructed an album (Disorientation Man) which delves into the depths of loneliness, coupled with a sense of responsibility; two interlocking states of emotion, which come through earnestly as each songs builds, and then departs.
The album is described: “someone is haunted by violent thoughts (Violence Came for Us). An expectant father feels uncertain about his future (Somewhere, Somehow). A woman wants to leave her partner (Unsung Love Songs). Someone is witness to a change in behaviour in someone they love (Alive in the Mind of Another).”
Disorientation Man is concerned not just with disorientation, but guilt and the inevitable feeling of displacement it can harvest. It’s not the happiest first post of 2014, but this is a thing of beauty.
The album was pitched as sounding like James Blake, but for me it’s a little bit Sigur Ros, and very much Peter Gabriel. Gabriel has carried the flame of sad music for some time now, emerging from one of the saddest eras, the eighties! But ahhh, it is Benjamins who is perfect for a Sunday afternoon… May you enjoy it as I am, with a sombre book and a pot of tea.

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