A Brighter World

San Mei (aka, Emily from the Gold Coast) really seems like a cutie. Musically talented, sure, but also in amidst the soul and sorrow everywhere else at the moment, and without being a major ditz (see the loveable Cyrus), it’s always great when musos’ vocals venture out beyond verse lyric.

With the song Brighter, emotive ‘uuuh-aaah-ooooh’ vocals drive the Beach House-like dream wave electro-pop from start to finish with a fresh energy and vibrance which welcomes in Spring. Which is timely because all the bloody winter-themed songs from the US and the UK are emerging.
Brighter will be a suitable addendum to my pre-emptive ‘summer lol mix 2013’ currently scratchily forcing its beats through my Tarago’s struggling 20 + year old speakers. Time for a new car… Maybe a convertible? Maybe for a drive up to the GC for some warmth?

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  1. […] is a beautiful peak moment in Wars which reminds me of Siouxsie & the Banshees. I’ve blogged about San Mei before but here she really takes off, and shows she is just as relevant as […]

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