Lolo’s Arsenal

Lolo sounds like a seasoned performer, her new single unapologetic in its seductive and unflinching confidence. There’s a catchy rhythm to the vocals which click together perfectly. In this sense it’s no sing-along, it’s a dark and accusatory piece, a proclamation that Lolo is emerging from some shitty stuff: “You can try to tie my hands, I will break the knots around them… I always get my way…”
It’s fittingly co-produced by Mark Batson (Dr. Dre/Eminem) though it’s more trip hop than rap.

Lolo is an established artist, though this is the first time I’m hearing her. This is the only song listed on her Soundcloud account, with this intriguing comment:

i know you’ve been wondering where i disappeared to but i was gone for good reason. i had battles to fight but it was worth it in the end coz i got to keep the only thing that matters. the music. now join me in the last fight to the top of the mountain.
got my weapons ready,

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