Col(d)well to Canberra

A quick post from me today as I plough through my overstuffed mailbox.
The very talented Jack Colwell is gracing freezing Canberra this Friday evening, performing in a set with Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens. The gig has been framed with the title “The Winter of Content”. The energy of a gig at the Polish is just what Canberrans need to keep warm.

Julia’s got a Laura Marling, traditional folky style which we can all brood to. But I’m most looking forward to Colwell’s theatrical symphonic-like songs. He’s been working with the Owls on new material, some of the demos of which I’ve had a sneak peak and there’s a good range of style, still grounded in Colwell’s unique sound.
See you there.

Friday, 21 June 2013
20:00 until 23:30

The Polish White Eagle Club, O’Connor Shops, CANBERRA

Now is the Winter of our content.

Julia & the Deep Sea Sirens are finally returning to our favourite Canberra stage after a successful season touring the nation – we’re readying candles and melodies to melt the frost off even the coldest windshield.

Much like the mythical sirens, we have lured some of the nation’s finest nu-folk artists to share in a heartfelt night of comfort and beauty.

We’re delighted to be introducing Jack Colwell & The Owls (Syd) for the first time in Canberra. They are incredible, arresting performers and will be in like-company with locals The Burley Griffin, playing in duo format, and Luciana Harrison (from Pocket Fox), who are no strangers to lovers of folkie goodness in Canberra.

Pack your best mittens, this is going to be a lovely night.

Book tickets online here:

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