Part of Every Party

So here I am at the end of a month long vacation, preparing to return to work and the ordinary facets of life.
I don’t mind after visiting London, Paris, Milan, Florence and Rome. What beautiful cities in their wonderfully diverse ways! It was particularly nice to indulge in some of the night life, albeit it with nowhere near enough club visits and no gigs (woe!). My partner and I did have a chance to visit a club in Paris called Le Tigre, which apparently has a reputation for being exclusive and difficult to get into. We dressed nicely and prepared ourselves for rejection by mapping some nearby clubs (clearly I’m well versed in club rejection). Unfortunately we were in Paris on week nights only and Le Tigre was pretty dead. They also didn’t have wine or most spirits. Bummer.

I quite enjoyed the night life culture in Italy. It was great to see young folk in Milan having a few quiet drinks outside a bar/cafe/cigarette counter, while some older folk downed their post dinner limoncello inside. But no one was disorderly or gross; just the opposite, in fact. Maybe I’m getting older, maybe I’m becoming a prude. All I am really aware of is that Australian blokey blokes are making it increasingly risky to go out at night in our cities here. I’m not preaching. I think it’s great to go out, get drunk and let loose… just not if it makes you an arsehole.

CHVRCHES – Recover

Darwin Deez – Alice

Rihanna – Nobody’s Business (Cousin Coles House Edit)

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  1. The Stroke’s track One Way Trigger is great- if you want to hear more material off of their new album Comedown Machine check out All The Time:

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