Everything Everything Arc Up


I haven’t been this excited about an album release in ages! Everything Everything at first seem like an edgy Bloc Party or Two Door Cinema-like band, but as their second album proves, they also have a beautiful crooning and soulful side which reminds me of old Elbow and Doves. Somewhat melancholic and very harmonic but mature, approachable and relatable.
While most songs are guitar-laden and magnetise towards radio rock, strings and electronic keys exalt songs like Duet to the same dramatic and epic heights you would have heard on Elbow’s album The Seldom Seen Kid.
And songs like Feet for Hands remind me of Radiohead’s The Bends. I know I have tossed a lot of comparisons in here but for me some of the best music has clear influences and feels, for the listener, a bit nostlgic. The album as a whole raises the band on its shoulders as a unique and memorable undertaking.

This British collective formed in 2007 and received a stamp of approval by BBC with the pick as ‘Sound of 2010.’ While its great to see that BBC have their finger on the pulse, I would argue that this album makes Everything Everything a strong contendor for the Sound of 2013, though to be fair it is still early in the year.
Lyrically and musically these guys are very world weary, earnestly indicating that their approach is intentionally “highly stylised and deracinated”. I don’t really know what ‘deracinated’ means but I do love a clever and considered vocabulary.

The rhythm and the pace of the lyrics and percussion only further sures up the album’s delivery. This album is full of catchy hooks that will never stagnate or irritate.

I hardly need to endorse this band but I found it too impressive not to post about. For those keen on a free sneak peak, Arc is triple j’s album of the week. Tune in if you’re an Aussie, or check out the Spotify stream triple j usually host.

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