Expert advice

So I was punched in the face brutally a number of times Saturday night by a total fuckwit/stranger. As a result I’m now busy thinking about how to get home from Darwin and if I can press charges against the mofo who turned 50 % of my face into The Situation’s.
A broken sinus bone means no flying and Australia is a SPRAWLING country! So I am now travelling back in style by snaking through the country on the Ghan, which is a nice train I can sleep on (which means I can take all the pain killers I’ve been given, all the time).

The point of all of this is that on top of my usual flakiness I am now sleeping more, crying more and talking to doctors and police more, and work about when I can come back and all of the fun involved with having a punched in face. I am listening to music (which is the only way to recover, in my opinion). But here’s a guy who knows his stuff, and then some. Please ignore the ‘then some’ (being ‘death grip’? And ‘skull of the vine’?). Apart from those I pretty much agree with him: the new Grizzly Bear is incredible! And I’ve felt a bit meh about new Menomena…
I don’t know this youtuber but clearly he is to be regaled and respected since he did this shit before going to work. I’ve done hardly anything today and this blog alone feels like a world of effort. Kudos, youtube guy.

Foals – Spanish Sahara

5 Responses to “Expert advice”
  1. Dude, that sucks. Hope you manage to get some sort of recompense at the very least!

  2. XIII says:

    What precipitated this unwarrented attack?! You didn’t make the guy listen to Nickleback, did you?!

  3. Peter Doran says:

    Oh man that’s terrible 😦 I just found this blog on blog-research mission… so sorry to hear that. I got attacked recently too but got away much more lightly. Hoping for a swift recovery. ~PD

  4. Noemi From Spain says:

    Oh that’s horrible!
    I just found your blog with spotify and I like it 🙂
    If you feel you can´t sleep, think people is reading you and your effort is not in vain.
    Good luck

  5. Pete says:

    Thanks for your thoughts, everyone.

    I get the impression that this guy is the type who chooses to listen to Nickleback alone to work himself into a violent frenzy. No idea. The punches came fast, without warning, he didn’t say a thing, just punched me until my face fractured and I was on the ground.

    Anyway I’m lucky and will recover, and will try to get compensated somehow. The guy got away with it though.

    Glad you like the blog, Noemi! 🙂 Had no idea this was on Spotify; I assume through Hype Machine? In any case, thanks for reading and listening. xo

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