Weekend Wind Down

Well it’s pretty much been half a year in this new job and it feels like it’s only been a fortnight. It’s like Inception but for my grip on reality, within reality. The real world is moving at a normal pace but my grip on reality is kinda flimsy. Instead of sands through the hourglass it’s more like sands through my hands. And July disappeared into the proverbial sink-hole of time. See, I’m not even sure that makes sense or if I’ve just embarrassed myself and am gradually slipping into premature dementia.
I’m working longer hours, more days, and then when I have a week off I’m sleeping or pampering. Someone once told me that laziness and lethargy is everyone’s worst enemy and that’s all well and good but how do you keep busy without funneling your energy into one thing. I find shifting my thoughts to something else to be half the work.
Do you realise how much music just appears? All these hard working musos just keeping plugging away and just when I think I’ve heard it all Alex Clare breaks my heart, Alpine comforts me with their confident groove, Twin Shadow reminds me that contrary to what many hack artists have revealed, David Bowie influence and glam rock can still sound good, and Jack Colwell keeps promising me a fast turn around for an interview while I’m dithering about getting my shit together (seriously though, everyone go and check out his great music right now). And people keep supporting this blog despite my unceremonious and irregular postings. Just amazing! Where does everyone get their energy and commitment from?

There have been some nice returns again this year too. The xx have finally come back with their astoundingly mature sound, Grizzly Bear have released one miss (Sleeping Ute) and one hit (Yet Again) leaving me wondering what the album will sound like, Two Door Cinema Club have released a solid follow-up to their last album (but which everyone seems to have shrugged their shoulders about), and Bat For Lashes reignited her career with the beautiful song Laura.
Oh right, and Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange really lived up its excessive and exclusive hype. Have you guys heard it yet? I won’t be blogging his music today (or some of the others I’ve mentioned above whose songs have dominated every blog and its dog), but I just wanted to let you know I’m enjoying it all right now.
What I’ve noticed lately is that music seems to have a lot more energy. Last year was full of sad, mopey and beautiful songs. This year there’s a sexy funk running through a lot of music. Or some hot rock. Maybe 2012 is just going well for everyone? It has certainly been a good year for me so far (despite my odd disconnect from muso interviews). Admittedly though, it’s hard to have a bad year when you spend most of your free time holed up watching Breaking Bad and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Twin Shadow – Golden Light

When I heard Five Seconds I thought ‘what a flipping great song! I wish I was in New York to see the premiere of that video’ but then I also thought ‘uh oh, bet the rest of the album is shit because, let’s face it, sounding a bit like The Smiths will only make your music boring’. But actually these guys have a lot of energy and cut through the bullshit, writing good songs and put a lot of thought into the mixing, and not just relying on the genre of their sound.

Cat Power – Human Being [Song removed due to copyright rules]

I love Chan but man, her music lately has been pretty terrible and boring. For ages I was wondering what happened to the sexy, seductive chick who suggested so much emotion but which was subtly suppressed by a sound that I could only describe as ‘cool, Bob Dylan-like’ [though for the record, I don’t really like Bob Dylan].
Anyway my point is the new album is actually a lot more like her older stuff, a lot simpler and sexier and less pretentious than her other recent musical makings.

Alpine – Seeing Red

Alpine are good at making really savvy and groovey music. They released their debut album yesterday and it’s a nice new addition to my collection, I’ve gotta say! Really nice guitar, sexy voices… And when my friends and I saw them live, supporting some band, they had positive things to say about Canberra which was pretty nice and rare. Most people bag Canberra out. They’re coming back in September so Canberrans, let’s go see them, shall we!

Two Door Cinema Club – The World is Watching

Well it’s a good album yeah? Pretty good… But not surprising or new for them. I don’t know what I expected. I like it but, something’s missing. In fact some of the album sounds a lot like Sparkadia. I think there’s a bit of emotion missing. That being said, I like the guitar fun they’re still having.

Dirty Projectors – The Socialites

Again some good stuff here but maybe I’ve outgrown it. This song has the weird deranged emotion I like to hear in Dirty Projectors’ music and this song is easily the stand-out here (this is the Stillness is the Move of the new album). I think I need to hear the rest of the album properly though.

Alex Clare – I Won’t Let you Down

I’m not sure what’s going on with this guy but I’ve fallen in love with his music pretty hard. I only had a proper listen last night and it’s given me that rare feeling that I want to play the album on repeat. And when I walk away I want to come back and play it again. What powerful soul this is! And the album has a bit of psycho dub going on which is fun and playful. I Won’t Let You Down is slower and a beautiful close to the album. But you should look into his other stuff.
Too Close is also a pretty cool song, which has a lot of dub stepping going on. But then you realise how diverse Alex Clare’s music is when you hear the acoustic work-over cover by Chester See (below).

Last Dinosaurs – Andy

For ages I thought these guys were Australian. Lol I’m not actually sure why? I mean they’re pretty British. Maybe it’s just cause I think they’d be so much fun live and it would be great if more gigs just fell into my lap. It takes so much energy to leave the house now. All that energy getting into the car, driving somewhere, and then standing somewhere and drinking and watching. Just thinking about it makes me want a nap.
Oh well I’ll just play this good stuff in my loungeroom instead and tap-tap-tap away on my laptop and convince myself that somehow what I’m doing requires more energy than it actually does. Totally lame though cause this song is really making me want to dance.

Dog is Dead – Glockenspiel Song

This song rounded off the lovely finale of season 5 of Skins. Then season 6 came in and pooed all over season 5’s relationship dynamic with DRAMA. But I think I just want to keep shoving music from the last two seasons in your beautiful faces; not just because the music was good but also because this generation of Skins was really lovable.

Take care of yourselves everyone. A lot has been going on for my friends and loved ones lately. Spring is nearly here so hold on for one more month!

2 Responses to “Weekend Wind Down”
  1. anon says:

    last dinosaurs are totally australian…. definitely from brisbane or something

  2. Ha! That’s great! I should have trusted my instincts. I have been confusing LD with Little Comets so that’s probably why – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMO0cTstIHs
    Pretty similar bands, both wonderful!

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