Mythic Journey

It’s not usual for me to blog about the same artist twice. It’s not because suddenly I stop loving the music of an artist I’ve already covered. It’s purely because I chew threw a LOT of music and have a very finite amount of time to blog (may your eyes be truly thankful). I also partly try not to blog too much because otherwise this could become a cut and paste blog (with quick one liners about songs I love which you can read about on 20 other blogs). And as a published author once advised “for every story you write you should be reading five books.” Translated to the blogging world? An informed process is more interesting than shallow frenetic posts. Which none of mine are, right? RIGHT?!

This edict (or should I say “excuse”) doesn’t really make much sense because artists’ music can differ between albums and songs and there might be plenty to say each time, but in any case feel free to paint me with the same brush I just subtly painted a bunch of other bloggers. Because I’m about to write about Geographer again. They’re incredible and I’m worried you guys aren’t paying attention to them. Because the lead singer has a very pretty voice and the cello, synths… whatever instruments/computer shit they use, it all works really well together.

They recently released their album, Myth. Alas Australians will probably never find this instores so, as with most things, please try online. There is something a bit Roxy Music about Myth. It’s sexy and low key but there’s a nice persistence in the beat, and a depth in every song that shows these guys don’t just depend on their natural talent for delivery; there’s a lot of hard work underpinning the satisfying sound. The cello that kicks off Shell Beach immediately sets the tone before it rocks out, Lover’s Game delivers a memorable melody worthy of the top billing it will probably sadly never achieve… There’s a lot on offer.

Geographer – Lover’s Game

And just so you know it’s not a one-off, here’s an acoustic video of my favourite song off their EP, Animal Shapes.

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