Weekend Wind Down

Well a lot has obviously been happening, hasn’t it?! You can tell by how quiet I’ve been, despite there being so much good music lately that I can barely keep up. Have you all seen MIA’s new video? I really liked the last album but people seemed put off by her ranga genocide video and the mechanical tenacity of the album. And then there are shitty new Madonna songs and returns of favourites Beach House and Miike Snow… The Shoes released a pretty cool video for Time to Dance, with Jake Gyllanhaal still managing to look hot while playing a killer (he’s almost MORE hot in that role!). I’ve set all of this aside to focus more on the peripheral stuff that’s been ignored by the vast ocean that is the internet. There’s some promising new talent emerging at the moment. Two bands which I’m not blogging about now but which may likely end up on my top ten list at the end of the year are Vacationer and Electric Guest. Check em out please. Good stuff.

And in the forefront of my personal life things have shuffled around. New job, new perspectives, new challenges, new fears. To go into it all would be a self indulgent bore but I’ll just say that I’m doing okay. Now onto the fun stuff!

Andrew Bird – Lazy Projector

Andrew Bird has returned with few surprises and a bit of side-stepping. It’s a shame because with all of the instruments he plays he could really explore his sound further. The song writing just isn’t as strong on the new album and comes off as a bit wishy-washy… Maybe he’s simply become too comfortable? That being said there are a few nice exceptions. Lazy Projector being one of them.

Sailor & I – Tough Love (Monde Idéal Remix)

What a beautiful song from Stockholm newbies, Sailor & I. This remix makes the song less dramatic and has been styled more like Oliver Tank. The slowing down and digital echoes really take it to a different level while remaining true to the original.

Zambri – Places

Thanks, Zambri. Another fucking reason for me to hate not living in New York! I would really feed off the buzzing music life there. But as it is it’s taken me a while to hear Zambri. Zambri are a couple of talented but somewhat creepy sisters. Well maybe it’s just their music that’s creepy… I’m thinking specifically of the ICBYS song and video. Places is a bit more like Niki & the Dove and nicely poppy. But I’ll admit, I’m loving it all so far!

Asbjørn – Criminal

I haven’t felt this good about a song since Doves did good music! I discovered this Danish guy on The Burning Ear’s blog. TBE also compared Asbjørn to When Saints Go Machine who I also discovered thereafter. Thanks Burning Ear!

Lo-Fi-Fnk – Kissing Taste

More good stuff from these guys. Where is the album? It came out ages ago but I can’t get my hands on it. Ah well. I’ll listen to it through single releases like Kissing Taste. Love Kissing Taste. I think the best thing about Lo-Fi-Fnk is that they have the kind of voices I imagine most men in the sixties had (kinda like The Monkeys).

Wowser Bowser – The Garden

One from my inbox. It’s quite upbeat and pleasant and I feel like that’s been oddly missing from my life lately so thanks, Wowser Bowser. What a chirpy song. It makes me want to frisk about naked on a stranger’s lawn.

Nneka – Shining Star

You’ve heard Joe Goddard’s fantastic Hot-Chip-like remix of this song. Now let’s all pause for an internet-second to acknowledge Nneka who has a really delicious and soulful voice!

I’ve been enjoying Skins this season but MAN is it DEPRESSING! The ending of the last episode was so depressing it bordered on silly. How much shit do these kids need to go through? It was at such a good point last season. The characters were likable, they developed a fair bit, forged relationships. And now it’s back to the maniacal life and death stuff we’ve copped from every other generation. Ah well, I’m a sucker for it anyway, and too old to make judgements about what the children of today experience so I’ll just keep my gob shut.
The music is as always, pretty great. The last episode included a debut single from I Am Harlequin. It’s sad, like season 6 of Skins, but pretty.

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  1. Thanks for the nice words about “The Garden” by Wowser Bowser!

    take care,

    Adair Park Recordings

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