Come Away With Pelvic

Over the last few years the radio-friendly and dancey has dominated this blog (this appears true for most music blogs actually).

What I seem to neglect is good ole fucking rock. Where has it been in my life lately? Every so often (usually when I’m by myself) I’ll put on Rage Against the Machine, Guided by Voices or Stone Temple Pilots and feel that cathartic release I need. Maybe there’s not a lot of rock on my blog because I think it’s hard to get it right. There seems to be a thin line between an aggressive, rhythmic and sublime expulsion of energy and self-indulgent waywardness. Pelvic seem to stay on the former side of that line, and have reinvigorated my love for rock.

Pelvic describe themselves as “the result of some epic piano, some dancy toons, some spastic punk, some grinding bass and some electro-rock all together in a pot of middle region motions”.
They are possibly only the second Canberra artist for me to blog about (after Josef Salvat, who I hear has left for London) but they’re well worth the mention, sounding a little like Queens of the Stone Age and even, at times, Elliott Smith. But my review is somewhat premature as I’m yet to see em live. I hear that’s where you get the full throttle thrust.
Those in Canberra this weekend should see what they’re like at Transit Saturday night (10 March).
Details via their facebook page.

You can download Pelvic’s great debut EP below:

Pelvic – The Undo

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