Anomie the Anomaly

With a voice like Julia Stone, sass like Goldfrapp and a slow beat like Morcheeba, what sets Anomie Belle apart from the rest is the seemless ease with which she writes compelling melodies and wraps them in evocative illustrious tones.
It seems she’s gained some attention from her cover of Bill Withers’ Ain’t No Sunshine but if you ask me, her strength lies in her own material. It’s always exciting to find a promising artist, and the soul with which she delivers tells me that she won’t be going away anytime soon.
Amongst the sweet and empassioned sounds of Florence and the Machine, Oh Land and Marina and the Diamonds (who I love) it is admittedly nice to hear a down-shift towards the subtle and sultry.

And shall I name drop here? She has supported Little Dragon, The Album Leaf, Azure Ray and Efterklang. In other words, her music is complex enough that we can expect future releases to be as rewarding as Inky Drips.

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