Digital Dudes

Ismail “Isi” Tüfekçi of established electro Hamburgers, Digitalism, doesn’t mind if you don’t like their new album, I Love You Dude. “You know, what I think we did is, we took our songs a little bit further,” Isi starts, in his winsome German accent. “And it’s really good that people have different opinions. First of all, some people don’t like it, some people like it. And this is a good sign because for us… We don’t care about this, to be honest.”

Isi doesn’t mean this in an off-hand way. Digitalism’s approach was to create something decidedly different to their debut. He explains, “What we did with the second album is that we put it in the extreme way. The harder stuff is even harder, the softer stuff is even softer, the melodic has more melodies… The second album is also more mature. We are not so young anymore so we took some things more seriously.”

I Love You Dude is the second album to emerge in four years since the debut. In that time, Digitalism has released EPs, singles and remixes. It’s any wonder they were planning to return with another album, particularly given the internet-heavy climate of the modern music age. “People are searching for new ways to release things because we are living a fast life,” Isi exclaims. “Robyn released three EPs before releasing them as an album… But albums are still really important. I mean you can put three or four tracks out but if you have a whole album in your hands you’re listening to a full story.”

Digitalism worked with The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas on I Love You Dude. Isi admits that this is a “boring story”, and that much of the song was developed via email. Although they’re open to working with others, unless there’s something special about that person it is not common practice for Digitalism. When it comes to infusing their own ideas into others’ music and vice versa, they prefer remixing. Isi excitedly says, “It’s really cool! In the last few years we’ve met so many talented people and so many talented producers. I think you have to give them the opportunity to show that they are really good at what they do and you have to give them a chance and push them.”

Some of those talented people include Australian bands like The Presets. “Australian people know, before other people realise, what the new sound is. I think a lot of stuff is coming from Australia [he mentions Strange Talk and Light Year as two recent bands of interest] but people don’t realise it. It’s a pretty influential country not just music-wise but [music] taste-wise,” Isi gushes. “We like to travel [to Australia] because the crowds are really intense. We’ve had such a good time!”

Digitalism will be playing Parklife, from Saturday September 24, with a group of other great acts including Strange Talk. Tickets to the festival are $145 through Moshtix.

Digitalism – Circles

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