Weekend Wind Down

My life imploded for a short while there. Six months of making an offer, getting huffy with banks, getting huffy with real estate agents, and my parents a little for even suggesting we paint/patch/mount etc. I contemplated running away to the circus or New York (ever in the back of my mind as my most desired place to live). But I’m finally living in my unit. My lap top had died but I finally have a nifty new one which takes much less than 15 minutes to load (unlike my old lap top). And I have the internet once more. I am connected to the world again! Hello, world wide webbers/tweeters/memes, how have you been? I missed you.

Yuksek – Dead or Alive

The new stuff is distinctively more alt rock and less dance but it just feels right for the time. If Yuksek had released another album much like his last, with bombastic vocals from hot bitches, I may have rolled my eyes and burnt the album onto disc just so I could snap it in two. This one plays out a bit more seriously. It’s a bit The Cure, a bit The Smiths… But with irresistable rhythmic beats.

The Weeknd – Loft Music

The Weeknd seems like the poster child of the outcome of music in 2011 as a result of the hype machine and other music mediums. Beach House’s album last year is easily a lifelong favourite of mine. They were so lovely live too. The Weeknd must agree because he’s sampled two of their songs on his album. And even though it seems “very internet” to sample something so recent and turn it into an r n b song, it sounds good so whatever. I’m happy to embrace the rehash. My only complaint is that his songs drag on about 2 minutes longer than they need to.

Lamb – Wise Enough

Hey Gen Y! Remember these guys? Remember how they wrote some beautiful music and by the time you found out about them they’d broken up? Well they’re back on track and though their sound might not have “evolved” it’s a welcome return. Don’t break up again, guys, oright. Trip hop still has relevance.

Grimes – Crystal Ball

Nice song. I don’t know what else to say. It sounds like Bat for Lashes?
Grimes is pretty fucking elusive. I think he/they/she like/s it that way. Listen. Don’t listen.

Jamie Woon – TMRW

Okay so James Blake is a pretty cool d00d with how he kinda plays around with reverb and sometimes he’ll play a song and sometimes it’ll stop or go quieter and you’ll be like “what the fuck is wrong with my iphone?! This phone is such a piece of shit, why is this happening?!” And then you’ll realise and laugh and be all “Omg that’s right I’m listening to James Blake and he’s pretty hip because he’s actually recorded the song this way! So everybody’s iphone seems to be fucking up. Oh man, I’m such a fool! You sure fooled me, James! Pitchfork must think you’re awesome. I wish I was awesome.”
So if you get tired of James Blake’s experimental mind games have a listen to Jamie Woon. Less bullshit, more music.

Bear Hands – Tablasaurus

What a fun group! Comparisons to any band will feel naff. Grizzly Bear? Maybe. I think they’ve got a few things going on which makes them feel a little unique. The vocals are certainly an interesting style. Not melodic but almost like a dirty punk (which fits perfectly with the lapses between rock and acoustic music.

Melodie Nelson – Meditations on the Sun

Melodie’s music is quietly brooding. I have to admit I feel like I need to be in the mood for it. The title track is very pretty and there’s a lovely shoegaze feel.

One Response to “Weekend Wind Down”
  1. lookheapsrad says:

    Yay! New unit and some great tunes there xx

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