Husky Hearts

Husky are a Melbourne-based band who have returned from the USA having recorded debut album, Forever So, with Noah Georgeson, who has worked with the likes of Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom.
The song History’s Door caught my attention, and there are only two other songs released so far which can be streamed on and downloaded from the unearthed website. History’s Door has a skillful drum beat, lovely singing and keys and it builds from what initially sounds like a Jose Gonzalez song.

Folk is a hard blend to play when you consider how boring a lot of it can be. It always needs to be a bit unusual, the vocals strong and the melodies beautiful. I have felt that lately folk frontrunners Fleet Foxes have let their listeners down by being a little bit too relaxed with writing their new stuff.

It’s still early days for Husky but if the album is anything like History’s Door they’re worth keeping an eye on.

Husky – History’s Door

2 Responses to “Husky Hearts”
  1. stalker says:

    hey i don’t half mind these guys – any melb gigs happening soon?

  2. Pete says:

    They just played at the Northcote Social Club! Just missed em.

    Playing Sydney at FBI Social June 11 and Brisbane at Beetle Bar June 12.

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