Weekend Wind Down

“Spaceman 1” by Jeremy Geddes

So I was robbed yesterday morning while still in bed asleep (Happy April Fool’s to me!). They bashed the deadlocked door in and stole my awesome man bag. The kind that this random junkie would never appreciate or find someone who could appreciate it to sell it to but which I loved.
My wallet, phone, all the really important stuff were elsewhere thankfully. I haven’t been put out too much… Except that my ipod was in there. My ipod from 2008 with two dead computers’ worth of music no longer backed up.
I guess as a Gen Y I have come to expect that we live in a digital world and that means everything is disposable and fallible. Hopefully my cd collection will be a useful point of reference for older music.
Daylight savings ends this weekend which means we’re well and truly heading into the cold. But it also means we won’t be waking up in the dark, getting robbed!

William Fitzsimmons – Let You Break (feat. Julia Stone)

Angus and Julia Stone have certainly wowed Americans in the last year. Here Julia lends her vocals to the lovely William Fitzsimmons for the new album. I quite like William but I like his music so much more when it’s remixed. Hopefully someone like Pink Ganter will get on that.

Agnes Obel – Avenue

Agnes is a bit like Joanna Newsom without the crazy. She’s also Danish. I don’t have much else to say as I’ve only just discovered her. But the whole album, Philharmonics, from last year, is worth checking out if you like this song.

Oh Land – Helicopter

Wow this girl is great! The whole album is my 2011 Florence and the Machine equivalent… Though, isn’t Florence due for new music soon too? She could have a solid contendor this year! Their music is apples and oranges really, but both make good pop music.

Crystal Fighters – At Home

How come I missed this album last year? At Home is such a great song, and very remixable! I wasn’t too into Follow, which is maybe what turned me off. But the whole album is sometimes danceable and gritty and sometimes full of hippy love.

Guillemots – Walk the River

I’m uncertain about the new Guillemots album. Some of the songs are okay… But it doesn’t strike me the way that Through the Windowpane did and I just can’t let it go. It’s often said that you can’t expect better than the best. But my favourite Radiohead album was OK Computer and they delivered another subsequent favourite, Amnesiac and then In Rainbows. (I should note that I’m not fussed much on the new Radiohead album and that I’m not comparing Guillemots to Radiohead. I’m just saying, they are capable of more!)
This song, along with a few others, definitely stands out though. Their sad songs are always so great. I just wish they wrote their upbeat songs with the same excitement as Trains to Brazil.

Ben Cocks – So Cold

I heard this song used for the trailer of Griff the Invisible. I didn’t end up seeing the film (when a freebie was offered) because I thought it was a cheap copy of Kick Ass but after hearing some reviews I realise I may have been wrong. I may need to go and PAY to see it now!
Anyway this song grabbed my attention. By and large the soundtrack for the film is by a band I’m not keen on. But Ben Cocks, who I have never heard of, really has his work cut out for him here. And I’ve always had a weak spot for piano led tracks.


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