Weekend Wind Down

In preparation for a big move I’ve decided to pack away all of my hundreds of cds into those cd book holders I used to swear I’d never put my precious cds in. Why? Because I have collected so many cds, in a desperate attempt to love music more than I could manage, that I’ve had cds in shoe boxes, in storage at my parents’ place, and the ones on the rack were just collecting dust. Mainly because we live in a digital world.

Watching an episode of Hoarders the other night I felt inspired to ensure my home wasn’t cluttered, like my mind. It was chuck or file and I was too sore about the thought of the former.
Evidently, during this whole process I’ve been rediscovering some old music.

Wheat – Don’t I Hold You

I’ll never get sick of this song. It’s such a simple song and not the most emotional song ever but the line “don’t I hold you like you want to be held?” carries a heavy overtone.

Kashmir – In the Sand

A little bit like Coldplay, a little bit like the more recent Radiohead, the album this song comes from, Zitilites, is incredible! It sounds quite a lot like In Rainbows but Zitilites was released by this Danish band in 2003 and apart from In the Sand, 4 other songs from the album were also released as singles.

Telemetry Orchestra – Shine

This Australian group “shined” (sorry!) very briefly with this song back in 2006 (all the way back there, you guys). I bought the album, Empire, on a whim because it looked cool (which I soon learned was a bad way to decide to buy albums). Under the Cherry Tree is a very cool song too but the rest of the album is a bit meh. Perhaps this Sydney group did remixes? I can’t recall if I heard work of theirs before I came across the album. Hopefully they release some new material because this song reveals great potential. I don’t know of any other Australian music that captures this kind of trip-hop/Air-like sound.

Beth Gibbons – Tom the Model

“Just do what you gotta do and don’t misunderstand me…” Okay, Beth Gibbons, whatever you say! It’s been years since the Portishead leading lady released a sexy treat of an album. Make some new songs please, Beth Gibbons. Don’t misunderstand me.

Kasper Bjørke – Young Again

I actually discovered this more recently, even though it’s a 2009 song. But if a 2009 Angus Stone song repackaged as a 2010 Angus and Julia Stone song can win the hottest 100 then I can boast about Kasper long after everyone knows about him. This song is pretty nice and reminds me a little bit of Editors and Interpol. Plus it’s got a killer vid.

Little Majorette – Let’s Get Drunk (Demure Remix)

This band found their way to me via the PR troops with the song Overflow. While I quite like Overflow, Let’s Get Drunk is a lovely slow song that has been smoothly remixed by Demure. It’s a little bit Twin Peaks, which sold me straight away. I’ve been rewatching Twin Peaks lately. The more I watch it the more I feel like what my friend Shannon said about it is true: it’s a murder myster and a soapie, but then it’s also a parody of a murder mystery and a parody of a soapie.
The Swedish Little Majorette have musical associations with Miike Snow and Lykke Li. So go and listen already!

One Response to “Weekend Wind Down”
  1. Lauren says:

    I have those CD bookshelves as well. I keep forgetting how many CDs I have until I try and sort them. I think I have a bit of a hoarding problem…

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