Surfin Safari

Sydney based band, Jinja Safari, appear to tread the same footsteps as Vampire Weekend, reaching out to African music as a basis for their sound. But Jinja don’t make the same mistakes as those who have come before them. Their music isn’t quite as bombastic and interfering, it’s dreamy and folky. When listening to these guys I don’t feel like I’m in a uni student’s dorm room listening to the latest trend, knowing full well that I’ll soon be sick of it even though right now I love it. When listening to Jinja, I am reminded of the Lion King and Paul Simon’s Graceland: happiness! Their ambition lies in trying out different instruments for each song, rather than using them all at once until every song sounds the same.

I anticipate good things from this relatively new Aussie group! Those of you lucky enough to afford tickets can catch these guys at the Falls Festival, Peats Ridge, Good Vibes and MS Fest 2011 (check out their myspace page).

Jinja Safari – Forest Eyes

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