Weekend Wind Down

It’s Spring time! Picnic time! On Sunday my friends and I carried baskets brimful of cupcakes, canapes and sparkling to soak up a tan and enjoy the Canberra-only long weekend. Things are happier when the weather is warmer.

Sean Carey – Mothers

Sean Carey has performed as part of Bon Iver’s band but shows here that he too can wallow in soft songs. There’s a nice matching of piano with strings and vocals in this song. Goooood album!

Interpol – Try it On

Who knew these guys could still pump out a strong album without moving away from their sound too much. There’s a lot more piano now though and it is highly satisfying to hear.

William Fitzsimmons – If You Would Come Back Home (Mikroboy Remix)

Many have heard the lovely Pink Ganter remix of So This is Goodbye. Here’s another goodie from the EP. It’s always cool when slower songs get a remix. It’s also how I heard of…

Eliza Doolittle – A Smokey Room

This Lily Allen-like chickadee perhaps gained most attention when The xx remixed Money Box. The album has a few fillers but Eliza knows how to write catchy songs. And her voice is a lot more palatable than Lily Allen’s.

Two Door Cinema Club – Costume Party

The weird name apparently coming from the incorrect pronunciation of the Tudor Cinema Club, these guys are a cute indie outfit who impressed the Kistune lads and lasses. This is a b-side but wow, why was this song cut? What a nice melody!

Blonde Redhead – My Plants are Dead

Blonde Redhead’s latest release was overlooked a little. It makes sense since the album is a lot less striking. This is probably for the better though as it’s slowly growing on me. I find I don’t much like Kazu’s vocals on the older songs anymore. But her voice has softened. This song in particular has some well placed guitar through it.

Nicholas Roy – It’s All My Fault

This Aussie reminds me a lot of Peter Gabriel and James Yuill. His songs are emotive but decisive. He’s not afraid to stretch his voice and see what range he’s got. This song is his strongest.

Sia – I’m In Here

People often forget that Sia is Australian (Adelaide) born. She now resides in LA with her Le Tigre band member lesbian lover and has developed musically and personally quite a lot! She is also absolutely sweet and funny live! This song featured in last week’s episode of Gossip Girl. That’s right everyone, it’s back on the air and hopefully we can move away from the blah that was season 3! The last two episodes have seen Blair and Serena strumpeting around Paris. And they should have included the following song…

Ben Onono – Tatouage Bleu (Avec Chet)

Okay it’s not THE French song to end all French songs. Hell it’s not even of French origin! But it’s such a good under-rated song and sounds better in French than English! I pulled this from another old chill out album.

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  1. Joseph says:

    Where was this picture taken?


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  1. […] Redhead formed part of a weekend wind down mix I compiled soon after I returned from my second visit to beautiful New York. I have a lot of respect for this […]

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