That’s sass and fire

This Sunday I’m going with some nerds friends to see Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse and all things clever). He’s doing some talk and will “discuss the creative ways in which he has played out… themes [of stong woman characters, outsider heroes and the uses and abuses of power] in a variety of media forms.”

So what are other Whedonverse people up to? What has been keeping Charisma Carpenter’s fingers busy?

Remember in Buffy when Cordelia caught Willow and Xander KISSING! And we were like “OMG Cordelia! This is what you get for being something other than a fun mean girl!” And then she was a mean girl again for two more seconds before she realised she was poor, and then she was off to Angel to become boring and get a really bad haircut and then die after slipping into a coma which lasted a year while we forgot she even existed? WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU CORDELIA?!??!

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