Weekend Wind Down

Art by Gildo Medina

Last night my friends and I slotted a few $2 coins into the jukebox at the Labor Club so we could listen to anything other than “Whaddya Want From Me.” Notably, the playlists included Accidentally Kelly Street (*heave*), Disturbia (which I’m certain the old fellas in the club were digging more than me) and something Tina Turner (for my friend, Shannon, even though I hate Tina Turner and her chookie neck).

Trentemøller – Even Though You’re With Another Girl

Trentemøller has been around for over ten years now but only has two albums. You may have heard his songs on chillout mixes, though he has mostly flown under the radar. I find him a bit hit and miss. Sometimes he evokes a nice mood, other times he’s more about the blah slow beat. Here Josephine Philip’s voice calls out in echoes, forgotten and in love.

Bent – To Be Loved

And another who you have likely heard on Chillout Classics or Cafe Del Mar, or some such 2000s compilation, but never remembered the name of. Check out their song Swollen and you’ll recognise it, I’m sure. For now here’s something that you mightn’t have heard.

James Yuill – On Your Own

New stuff already? This is great news! Yuill is comparable to Miike Snow and Calvin Harris but stands alone as a more relaxed and subtle acoustic guy with electronic elements only to garnish his style.

Ellie Goulding – Lights

Somehow this was cut from the Ellie Goulding album (of the same name, Lights) when it’s definitely an a-lister and deserves to belong. This isn’t the first time I’ve blogged about Ellie so I guess she’s a strong contender for my top ten of 2010.

Neon Hitch – What Starry Eyes Know (Two Door Cinema Club Vs Ellie Goulding)

I’ve never been one for mashups. Generally a lot of them tend to be two songs slapped together like ham between two slices of bread without any thought for butter, cheese or tomato as an accompanyment.
And covers seldom better the originals. But here Neon Hitch covers two songs in one. Which I’m okay with cause they do it in Glee all the time too! I can ignore the fact that she co-wrote a song with Kesha.

Semisonic – Gone to the Movies

So I’m a bit of a nerd for New York. A lot of tv shows have been set in New York. More recently Sex and the City, Mad Men and Gossip Girl reveal a New York of money, prestige, success and clothes. But in the nineties it was more about awkward average joes trying to get by; like in Felicity and Seinfeld. How differently the big apple has been represented through the years!
This song comes from a nineties group whose song you might only recognise being Closing Time. Gone to the Movies was used in an episode of Felicity where she and Ben sneak into the NYU swimming pool for a late night rendevous/cool off. Being the drama that the series was, of course they were caught. And now the Felicity creator is better known for a certain series which lost the plot and developed another one a few times.

Robyn – Indestructible (Acoustic Version)

We saw Robyn and Kelis perform in Brooklyn while in New York and they were both incredible in their own right. For Australians it is extremely rare to enjoy two of your favourites in one show for under $30 so we made the most of it. Kelis wore a gold wig and played all of her songs (really, all of them, some as a mashup, others in full), it also rained paper hearts, and during Don’t Fucking Tell Me What to Do Robyn ate a whole banana (sexually) and did gymercises. Wow!
Here’s the closing song off Robyn’s latest release, Body Talk Part 2 (the second of three albums in “parts” being released this year).

The National – You Were a Kindness

And here’s a new bootleg from The National, who were simply beautiful live when we saw them at Prospect Park. Even if it’s the last thing you do, if you haven’t yet seen them live, make sure you do! They are coming to Australia at the end of the year.

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