Weekend Wind Down

I may be a slow blogger in the coming weeks. I am off to New York to escape this wintery city! I expect much craziness and exhaustion so in the mean time I’m keeping my head pretty low and “flying right.” Chill out music always helps me feel like I’m not missing out on much by staying in. As I recover from intense infection, reading Murakami and watching Mad Men and crappy films is enough excitement for this dinosaur.

Janelle Monáe – Wondaland

How strange that I didn’t hear this bopping hot momma till now! She’s been around for years, earning a Grammy nomination for Best Urban/Alternative performance for the song Many Moons. Have you seen her dance though? For real, look it up on youtube. As good as Janelle is though, I do feel she’s a bit hit and miss. The latest album is rife with intros and outros and the like, which to me always seem to be a bit of filler rather than substance. Wondaland is a fun Janet Jackson-like song.

Tacks, the Boy Disaster – Frozen Feet

This is an old one from a band whom otherwise haven’t yet convinced me of their talent. Not to say they’re “bad,” just that this is their best song. But what a great song to pop up on shuffle. I have thousands of songs on my ipod. Ridiculous numbers of songs which I usually skip through 5 in a row before I hit one I like. Given that Frozen Feet has been in my list for a while and that I still enjoyed the song as if it were the first time I were hearing it, I’d say it’s one everyone should have in their collection. Also, appropriate for anyone dying of freezing in Canberra at the moment.

Great Lakes – Summer Fruit

A Brooklyn band! A lot of talent seems to percolate in this part of NYC and I’m looking forward to seeing The National at Prospect Park when I venture there next week.
This band is littered with a number of musos from known acts like Beirut, Bishop Allen, Gnarls Barkley and Ted Leo & the Pharmacists. There’s a country twang to this song (which generally deters me) but in this instance it’s balanced out by some strings and horns. Far from boring for a slow going release.

Steering by Stars – Closer

This Aussie group hail from Adelaide. I have only just discovered these guys thanks to Aviator Lane. A while back I loved and blogged about his song Lengthways We’ll Run. Curious to know what he was up to I checked out his website and he gave them a little promo. And they’re quite pretty here. I can see them becoming a bit of a big deal, though I have to admit I found the video for Closer (in rewind) to be a bit cliched. Nonetheless the song is gorgeous. Check them out if you like Temper Trap and Firekites.

Land of Talk – It’s Okay

I quite like the sound of Land of Talk; PJ Harvey-ish and rock and roll but mellowed out from time to time too. This song is perfect for a chill-out mix and the video is wonderful. Apparently the video was nominated for the 2010 Juno Video of the Year Award. I understand Land of Talk have a new album due (with guests like Patrick Watson and Arcade Fire to boot!) but as this is my first post on them I wanted to highlight this song and its accompanying video.

Chloe Charles – Salamander Red

The comparisons to Joanna Newsom and Erykah Badu are fair for this Canadian “unknown.” I’d also liken her a bit to Joni Mitchell and Katie Noonan. Generally though we’re talking smokey folk.

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