Part of Every Party

Many long-agos when I was with the devil blogger I posted a mix of what I called party jams or get-down-with-your-funky-self-non-descriptive-beatz. The post was removed because google hate bloggers like me and support the music industry WONDERFUL music conglomerates like EMI.
Here I resurrect what I hoped would become a regular thing. And maybe it will here!
I would like to say this is a post of DANCE CHEWNS but some people might say, “hey, jerk! I can’t dance to this song!” And I’m the kind of guy who believes you can dance to anything if you just believe in yourself.
Often there’ll be a brief description for each song in say, my Weekend Wind Down mixes. But with party jams (yum!) I think it’s best you simply listen and shake. Save the reading for tea and scone hour.

Rocket Science – Being Followed

Does it Offend You, Yeah? – Being Bad Feels Pretty Good

Chromeo – Fancy Footwork

Spiderbait – Buy Me a Pony

Stephanie McKay – Oh Yeah

Eliza Doolittle – Rollerblades (Party Sausage Remix)

Beck – Timebomb

Ms. Dynamite – Dy-Na-Mi-Tee

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