Taking into account the fact that Gossip Girl has become INCREDIBLY boring this season (3), it is nice to know I can get my teen-to-adulthood drama fix via the ever-loved Glee.
Though song-in-heart style singing generally fails to pierce my barren and stale heart, Glee borrows what Buffy and (unfortunately) Will and Grace and Drew Carey attempted with one episode to make a whole musical series. Wee! Glee Club is the name of a High School group who sing and dance and do other musical things to leave their mark. After all, leaving your mark behind in High School is INCREDIBLY important! (It is NOT important.) Interestingly, Glee is set at the same Michigan High School as Freaks and Geeks: McKinley. I wanna go to this school!
And speaking of the relationship Glee has to other shows, Buffy creator Joss Whedon will be guest directing an upcoming episode, which will be gleetacular! (Glee is an easily punned title, no?)

One thing Glee has going for itself is that while the hokey drama can bring even a decrepit, emotionally corrupt man like myself to shed tears, it is mostly just incredibly funny! Take Sue Sylvester, for instance, whose harsh outlook comically mirrors and exaggerates redneck conservative white middle class Western attitudes.

Glee identifies High School stereotypes and rather than pigeonholing the characters within these stereotypes, plays on them and avoids predictability. Take cheerleaders Santana and the hilariously dumb Britney and their budding lesbian relationship. The relationship slowly develops under the guise of their typically naive simplicity. And I’m really only touching on peripheral characters here (though I’ve heard Santana and Britney are set to become regulars next season). The leads have their own interweaving complications which keeps the series fresh.
It also seems like the creators are reactive to their audience’s response. Everyone wanted more of Mercedes and her incredible voice (I’m assuming they wanted more because she is awesome), and in the second half of season 1 (which begins airing in Australia tonight) she gets her spotlight. So too does Kurt, whose unusually-close-to-sounding-falsetto vocal range drops down a few notches in a little number performed with the Cheerios (which is the cute name for the cheerleaders of McKinley High).
Get your Glee on already!

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