You can never have too many zombie films

It’s true, you really can’t! You can, and we DO, have too many VAMPIRE films. You can have too many werewolf films (I don’t get why there are so many). But zombie films? Oh my zombie god!
Zombieland was definitely not what I expected. I thought it might be another Dawn of the Dead (the shitty remade version) or attempt to grapple the British humour of Shawn of the Dead (why do Americans think they can deliver British material?).
What we are given instead is a funny, loose and fast comedy. There are plenty of cheesy nods to the facebook (Y) generation and a sympathetic but satirical poke at the resourcefulness of an otherwise whiny bunch. Note that all of those “how long would you survive in a zombie outbreak” quizzes have been appropriated as survival rules for the film’s irritable bowel-addled nervous protagonist. There are also some nice moments which serve to piss on the clichéd melodramatic scenes you usually see in zombie films.

Zombieland also avoids most of the common trap falls, like for example, keeping the characters in one location as the world closes in. I say this is a common TRAP FALL because even though it highlights the fact that you would feel claustrophobic in a world plagued by the walking (running, screaming, biting) dead, it’s boring. One of the best things about the 28 Days and Weeks Later films is that they explore the terrain as it’s savaged by hysterical humans. This is way more satisfying than seeing the destruction Mother Nature can have in films like 2012.
So, like 28, Zombieland traverses the land a bit with the lead characters, who are oddly likeable. Except maybe the Little Miss Sunshine girl. She kind of annoys me. But the others are actually interesting! And they develop a little bit too…! And this is a zombie film?
It might not be scary but it doesn’t need to be. It’s funny, fun, well-written and the characters’ development gives us a reason to care about them.

Nice to see them picking up the pace! Can’t wait for Zombieland 2!

The Zombies – Care of Cell 44

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