Weekend Wind Down

Simon Norfolk, Former tea house in a park in Afghanistan

So I have been a negligent blogger so far this year. WELCOME to 2010 everyone! 2 MONTHS ago!
Let’s see if I can branch out from my “mostly music” posts this year and make it a little more “mostly also things that aren’t just music.”
For now here’s some free music. Because everyone’s a stranger until they offer you candy.

Blur – Out of Time

I started singing this in the shower, out of the blue. This has always been my favourite Blur song because it’s singable, pretty and sad, even though a lot of Blur fans would say it’s far from their best (every one of them are wrong about intonating that it is . We all know how I like my songs sad.

Angus & Julia Stone – Hold On

Oh I love a good leak. So long as my post isn’t removed. Let’s face it though, there wouldn’t be music if it wasn’t for those pesky “labels.” Not even in the shower where I breached Blur’s copyright laws. Sorry Blur!
The new Angus & Julia is simply beautiful. What less could we expect? Nothing, that’s what!

Owen Pallett – The Great Elsewhere

Thankfully Owen has shed his pseudonym Final Fantasy (which was getting confusing) and emerged with some beautifully layered songs on his recent release, Heartland.

Marina & the Diamonds – Obsessions

Maybe she’s a little toooo Kate Bush? I feel like I make this comparison a lot lately. Is it becoming redundant yet? Anyway this one is even more Kate Bush than say, Florence + the Machine! I don’t love all of her stuff but the album is growing on me. I suspect it will soar to my top ten of 2010 list (and considering how many releases are on their way this is a big premature call!). This song is beautiful and the lyrics are nicely accurate without being clichéd. Perhaps a BETTER way of putting it is that this is the album Goldfrapp SHOULD have released. And in saying that, I’m hopeful that unlike last year where Taylor Swift’s songs became gay anthems instead of the more deserving Gossip, this time remixes of Marina are played more than Goldfrapp’s fruity new shit. Yes, I went there!

Efterklang – I Was Playing Drums

I’m yet to have heard the full album but this is the second example (the first being the beautiful Modern Drift) of outstanding song writing and a clear pop direction this Denmark band are moving towards.

Basia Bulat – The Shore

Finally a new album from the Canadian songstress many people (in Oz) first heard on a car ad. What a way to bring in the new year! It’s definitely the year for follow-up releases!

Gil Scott-Heron – Me and the Devil

I’m not even sure how I stumbled across this guy but while this song is new, he is anything but. A poet, musician and author whose bulk work surfaced around the late 70s/ early 80s. This soul pigeon shows us that while the focus has shifted more recently there is still a persistent voice reminding us that black Americans (and perhaps minorities, more broadly) are still fighting and waiting for full human rights and equality. Hot topic!

Fyfe Dangerfield – Barricades

Thank God for Last FM! I was bemoaning the fact that Guillemots’ last album is pretty horrible and how their first was a bit of a masterpiece. And someone from last fm’s awesome well versed community informed me that the lead singer, Fyfe, has done some solo stuff which sounds remarkably like old Guillemots. And it does! HOORAH!

3 Responses to “Weekend Wind Down”
  1. Josh says:

    I’ve been enjoying Marina and the Diamonds, although at times I feel she could do with a bit more of a subtle touch in her songs. Yes/no? It can be a bit blunt and over the top.

    • ahasbeenthatneverwas says:

      Hmmm I agree that she packs a heavy handed punch but I kinda like that. The energy in her songs definitely leaves a lot of room for remixing. How long I’ll like her stuff for I don’t know… Obsessions is definitely one of her less obnoxious songs imo

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