Weekend Wind Down

Missy Elliott – Teary Eyed

Who would’ve thought that Missy Elliott had a soft side (apart from her supple rear-end)? I have only recently discovered what some might affectionately term “ghetto music.” I loooove this power woman. Usually a fun hard-edge lady, with words in her songs like “I’m a pain in your rectum, I am that bitch y’all slept on,” Missy here is more like early “retiree” Lauryn Hill. Which is good considering that the joy of Lauryn-Ms-get-over-yourself’s world now lies in God, money and her children, not music as Sister Act part 2 would suggest. Good thing Missy doesn’t take herself too seriously… Can’t wait to see what new album Block Party will bring! (If, of course, the release date isn’t pushed back AGAIN!)

Cicada – Talking

Cicada have been around for a while apparently… I first heard them thanks to The Twelves remix of Metropolis, which speeds up the slow song. Usually led by female vocals, this song displays good Cut Copy-like male vocals. The deep voice beats back the twee Empire of the Sun-like sound that threatens to break through.

My Latest Novel – Lacklustre

I remember My Latest Novel’s first album and falling in love with The Hope Edition. What a nice song… The rest of the album though… At times I find this band a bit clumsy and I must admit new album, Deaths and Entrances, tries too hard to be like the band Low and sounds too Scottish at the same time. Of course yes, they are Scottish, but it wasn’t as Twilight Sad-obvious last time…

Fink – Move on Me

Fink has been a bit braver lately. Which is good because I think this guy has a naturally gorgeous voice and range, but often in the past hasn’t really utilised these qualities.
I don’t love this song as much as Sort of Revolution but the piano and backing vocals are pretty touching and Move on Me will likely outlive the released single.

Eliza Doolittle – Money Box (Jamie from The xx Remix)

Who is Eliza Doolittle? She’s new, that’s who! This is a cute ditty, and it’s remixed by Jamie from The xx (who are pretty much amazing at the moment).

Mew – Silas the Magic Car

Mew apparently have 5 albums! Really? Wow, where have I been? I don’t think they’re the best band *ever* and I’ve only recently procured their latest album so *shrug* I’m not sure if I’ll go through their backcatalogue just yet. But this song is very pretty and reminds me a little of Death Cab for Cutie (when they were less self indulgent).

The Walkmen – On the Water

The Walkmen’s last album is pretty gosh darn cool! I really got into it and I’m excited they’ve released a new video for On the Water cause it’s my favourite song. Why is killing bunnies so sad? Why do I care so much when a farmer, who is protecting his crop, shoots and kills a bunny with colours? I don’t know. The video for Bright Eyes (and well, a Donnie Darko reference) prompted me to read Watership Down… I did abandon it though, and I do enjoy a good rabbit stew. So maybe Donnie puts it best when he says, “y’know, I like rabbits and all. They’re cute and they’re horny. And if you’re cute and you’re horny, then you’re probably happy, in that you don’t know who you are and why you’re even alive. And you just wanna have sex as many times as possible before you die… I mean, I just don’t see the point in crying over a dead rabbit! Y’know, who never even feared death to begin with.”
Back to the drawing board?

One Response to “Weekend Wind Down”
  1. M.E. says:

    Hahaha!! High fives for the feisty Lauryn Hill tangent.

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