What’s Goss?


Gossip Girl is not, as you might predict from the title, a “chick flick” tv series.

It’s similar to The OC in that it’s about wealthy upper class privileged teenagers with problems, and in that both series were/are created by Josh Schwartz. I watched The OC fairly avidly but I was never a big fan. I found that often issues would be closed off in a matter of episodes (before any full ramifications could be explored), leaving little room for character development.
I’ve always liked Schwartz’s “No heroes, no villains” approach to the creation of his characters, but it always seems inevitable that some characters will be favoured over others. Case in point, The OC’s Julie Cooper did some heinous things to her daughter and right before Marisa was offed the red-headed minx apologised for not always being “the best” mother. Sure, not “the best,” just cruel to the point where it’s nearly considered criminal!
Fortunately Schwartz has learnt a few lessons the hard way since then and there are marked improvements in his second television show, Gossip Girl. Namely there are characters we all hate (there’s a reason why Vanessa should never have much luck climbing the social ladder) and that’s okay. They’re not “villains” but we’re allowed to hate them anyway. Thankfully Vanessa hasn’t done anything too outrageous and then turned around and swept it under the rug with a throw-away apology.
And cleverly, Blair, who has a reputation for being “the crazy bitch in town” is ultimately the most loved character. She’s viewed as honest and hard working as she blackmails her way to the top.

And with the exception of a few episodes (re: the episode where Serena supposedly “kills” someone (she didn’t) was a complete premature ejaculative let down) plot lines take the characters in new and believable directions.

As Gossip Girl follows the story of upper East side New Yorkers, the glamorous outfits, parties, and fit outs also make for palatable viewing. And watch as fans clamour over each other to buy items like the signature “Chuck Bass scarf.”

Season two racked up some substantial hot goss surprises! A late seasonal shift in the dynamic (Blair “rooming” with Georgina at NYU; Blair and Chuck… DATING???!; Serena and Eric have a Dad??!) promises a solid third season, which kicks off in the US this Monday 14 September!!!

The Faint – Mirror Error

LCD Soundsystem – New York, I Love You

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