Weekend Winddown


What iiiiissss it, you ask? It’s the MIGHTY MAX CASTLE! Oh man, I loved Mighty Max when I was a wee-tuck! I had been all jealous of my sister’s Polly Pocket and then Bluebird Toys FINALLY decided boys don’t just like trucks. (I always preferred Polly Pocket to trucks.)
I’ve gone for some old nineties songs this weekend winddown time! Enjoy the memory lane trip.

Primitive Radio Gods – Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth With Money in my Hands

This one comes off one of my well loved and worn Hit Machine compilations. This is one of the few songs from these compilations that has stood the test of time. I sat listening to the album recently and skip-skip-skipped until I stopped on these guys. It features the sample of BB King singing “I’ve been down-hearted baby, ever since the day we met” from How Blue Can you Get.

Kylie Minogue – Confide in Me

I don’t consider myself a big Kylie fan but I think this song is an exception to her norm, and is often liked by those who might not usually like her stuff. That said, compared to her counterparts (if you consider Madonna a counterpart) she is classy and more age-appropriate in her approach.

Tori Amos – Winter

Tori comes up with some beautiful emotional songs. I haven’t been too impressed with her later stuff… but I did get on board late and her earlier works have impressed me greatly! Winter is a lovely piece about her father.

Roachford – This Generation

One of Roachford’s lesser known. I guess I like this because there’s just the right amount of keyboard. And it SOUNDS so nineties, and it’s very “f u baby boomers, Y gen AREN’T all up in their own shit!”

Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy

This song is often forgotten as one of Massive Attack’s best songs because of Teardrop (also a highlight of theirs). It crops up from time to time, particularly when things like radio stations’ Hottest 100 of all time occur.

Bruce Springsteen – Streets of Philadelphia

Ignoring the fact that the song reminds many of us of that Tom Hanks film about a gay man dying of AIDS and winning a law suit against his boss for discrimination (not at all the way Erin Brokavich does!), this is a really nice sad song.

Crowded House – Fall at Your Feet

Made internationally famous by that hack James Blunt Crowded House proved that this is the kind of song you can’t really cover. These guys knew what they were doing because they did it right and wrote a LOT of great songs!

Sixpence None the Richer – The Lines of My Earth

Everyone remember that “Kiss Me” song that appeared in so many teen films and tv shows in the nineties that it provoked violent tendencies in us? Well I still liked the album and bought it! This is easily the most beautiful song they’ve written and avoids the saccharine laced sound of Kiss Me.

My Friend the Chocolate Cake – Talk About Love

In high school I watched the Aussie drama teen show Heartbreak High. I’m realising now what a shame it was for shows like this to end. Unlike with All Saints or Home and Away people actually watched and enjoyed this show, and shows like Raw FM. I never heard much My Friend the Chocolate Cake (despite the relatability of the band name) but the strings in this song work well, and I like the late introduction of what I believe is a recorder or wind instrument. Nice.

Marc Cohn – Walking in Memphis

Pretty much my favourite song of all time. It’s a bit bluesy but with the right dose of hope. The perfect closer to what could’ve otherwise been a depressing mix.

2 Responses to “Weekend Winddown”
  1. eye says:

    Yes, I agree with you on Confide In Me – Kylie. I am not a huge fan, but this song is brilliant. Well producted, well formatted, just a great pop song.

    Finally! Someone who agrees with me… This is one of my only two Kylie songs on my mp3 player.

  2. ahasbeenthatneverwas says:

    What’s the other one? 🙂

    I like some remixes too… But my taste is evolving to include more “mainstream” of late hee hee
    I like the Soulwax remix of Can’t Get you Out of my Head

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