Not a squawk but a howl


Ahh The Paper Scissors… It is refreshing to see you still don’t take yourselves too seriously.
Especially compared to bands like Empire of the Sun (whose video clips seem laugh-at-wank funny yet boring at the same time).

For those unfamiliar, this New South Wales band are probably best known for their bird cawing groove We Don’t Walk. (“We fly!”)
They’re a bit silly but in a fun way, they sound somewhat like a combination between Modest Mouse, TV on the Radio and Beck. They have just released a new EP and are currently touring the golden down under. Sadly I’m yet to see them live so I plan to attend their Oxfort Art hit up.

Check out their myspace page for tour details

The Paper Scissors – Howl

The Paper Scissors – Howl (The E.L.F Remix)

The Paper Scissors – Yamanote Line


One Response to “Not a squawk but a howl”
  1. Jason says:

    This song is the SHIT…

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