The Triple J Hottest 100 of 2008

There are a number of “best of” lists of songs each year; Rolling Stone’s, Pitchfork’s etc.
I believe some of the most accurate lists involve votes from the general public. While it’s nice to know what the critics think, it’s often our friends driving the car we’re in, or whose place we’re having a party at who decide what the “best” new music is.

Stereogum’s Gummy Awards provide a list of “best albums” among other things, as voted by bloggers and readers of blogs alike.
However, as far as I know, it is only Triple J who ask the public to vote for ten of their favourite songs of the year and compile a Hottest 100 list played on Australia Day (26 January). To see the full list click on the highlighted “Triple J.”
The top ten of 2008 are:

10. Drapht – Jimmy Recard

9. The Ting Tings – That’s not my Name

8. The Presets – This Boy’s in Love

7. Pez (feat. 360 and Hailey Cramer) – The Festival Song

6. The Presets – Talk Like That

5. MGMT – Kids

4. Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream

3. Kings of Leon – Use Somebody

2. MGMT – Electric Feel

1. Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire

Certainly not my top ten of 2008 but that’s the beauty of the Hottest 100; it’s only biased by things like media release, advertising and what songs voters have had exposure to. It’s still a compilation of “best ofs” as determined by the general public.
And so, whether I yell in protest or cheer in surprise, every year I look forward to the Hottest 100.
I wonder what 2009 will bring.

2 Responses to “The Triple J Hottest 100 of 2008”
  1. Me says:

    Jeez, I only just noticed how many artist double-ups there are in the top ten. Some more variety would’ve been nice. but still, as long as Bernard Fanning never wins again I’m happy… 😛

  2. A Has Been That Never Was says:

    Hehe always the way!

    The last two years were a bit more of a surprise.

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