Laying Down New Songs, it’s Peter, Bjorn and John!

Peter, Bjorn and John are releasing a new album!

Many listeners never explored this band past their overplayed hit “Young Folks.” But those that did will have quickly learnt that there’s more to this Swedish trio than meets the eye.
Their pop is laced with bopping beats, revealing on their last album (called Writer’s Block) that they are no one-hit wonder-ers. “The Chills” and “Amsterdam” in particular, are irresistibly catchy and underrated.

They have yielded a lot of attention from respected and, well, just popular musicians far and wide.
Kanye West seems to have ties with the band. In fact one song from the upcoming album titled Living Thing was leaked by the band onto his blog.

Here is a taste of the new album, which I can’t wait to get my hands on come March 31st. I’m particularly into the song which, by Kanye, has been titled “Nothing to Worry About.” Peter, Bjorn and John show that there is still ongoing experimentalism and creative expansion of their sound. I expect the album to be as uplifting and danceable as Lykke Li’s debut last year.

Peter, Bjorn and John – Lay It Down

Peter, Bjorn and John – Nothing to Worry About

Click here to visit their website

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